Boy Racers do Exist in Japan

What you will see here is the irresponsible or perhaps a dumber side of Japan’s motoring communities. The guy is performing basic boy-racer maneuver and ends up crashing or potentially missing deadly crash. Suddenly, he turns back, drives away and pulls over next to the camera proud about damaging his Civic.

 Underground street racing is not uncommon in Japan but I wouldn’t consider this a worthy feat to be proud of. That was stupid…

Subaru Disguised with Audi & BMW Skin

The Subaru Impreza WRX have always been considered one of the fastest ugliest cars on the streets, with anonymous styling and priority going mainly to anything but form.

People have tried to improve its looks with anyway possible from spoilers, body-kits,   rally themes, rice jobs, etc. The Impreza can soak up visual modifications and really stand out.

But here is an exception, like this 1993 Impreza, pictured below which stands out like a nuclear explosion that can be seen from the distance descending upon a city’s horizon:

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