Pick of the Day 39

This is circulating all over the net and deserves some attention. Not sure of the authenticity of this picture but I’ll go ahead and comment about it. Below is the founder and CEO of Pagani, Horacio Pagani, washing his own car all by himself while stripped down to his purest form.

Seems like the legit behavior of a true car enthusiast (with exception to the use of a power washer)?

We need more CEOs like him in the auto industry.485585_10151459460364087_1404928750_n


Pick(s) of the Day 37, ‘It was Acceptable in the 80s’

The 80s were some exotic times. Especially in the automotive world. It was a digital celebration. Everything started to look like it was drawn with a ruler from wrist watches to cars.

Japanese cars were invading the world and the automobile was being engineered to resemble its present form. Probably, after this era, the evolution of cars has exponentially slowed down.

Regardless the automotive shapes, designs and technology that came out from this era were truly phenomenal. Feast your eyes on some of the these old school Toyotas, they are an impressive job for a young car-maker at the time; if only they still have the will to build something as remarkable as these nowadays. All they got are boring and characterless cars, for now.

068bh5350_Toyota MR2 AW11

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The Hachi Roku Buyer’s Guide


The ‘hachi roku’ is officially a classic car and the demand on it is increasing day by day. This means many of them will be over-priced to sometimes an unfair extent regardless the condition of the car.

People tend to get infatuated about the ae86 but in reality, probably, 90% of them wont even buy one and the reasons is that not every average enthusiast can handle the effort, money and struggle it requires to get this car back in top shape. It will be an easier step if you got plenty money or are a mechanic of your own.

This is a general guide, from sidewaystoyota.com for buying an AE86 in the US; though almost the same rules can be applied for the rest of the planet and for almost any car of the same age:

I want to buy an AE86 but can’t find one….what should I do?

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Crawford Performance Turbo BRZ

Subaru specialists, Crawford Performance, who are the same guys who built Ken Block’s Subie,  take a Subaru BRZ and rebuilt its engine completely to squeeze out ‘double the horsepower’ and ‘triple the torque’ output.

Check out this awesome feature, by Matt Farah, about this special daily driven BRZ, the engine’s noise is phenomenal:

Now, this is something worth pulling on a traffic light!

Honda Talk

Its been a while since I did a feature about other car makers and Hondas are a trending topic lately at carthrottle.com.

Besides being Hondas that were great to drive, the below pictured cars have earned their place as modern classics among the car world.

They existed during a time when Hondas were actually interesting up until the global ricer invasion occurred  sometime during the release of the first couple of Fast n’ Furious films arrived and Honda started to slwoly lose its path after the end of the NSX production.

The S2000 was perhaps on everybody’s list right before the 86 or BRZ was out but you know what? If you really treasure the S2000 or any of the below Hondas, then get one and keep it clean!

We just hope and cross our fingers, once again, that Honda would start to go back to its roots and build cars that are both interesting to drive and interesting to actually even look at as somebody needs to have a serious talk with their design department. We got a brief moment of hope after seeing what Honda’s present CEO is exhibiting as a matter of fact we need to check out on this guy again.

2006 Honda S2000

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