Artyon Senna’s Red Honda NSX for Sale

571This is one car with a massive historical and sentimental value. It commemorates a legend and an era and I couldn’t help but share this piece of news:

Racing  Honda-powered Mclaren F1 cars had its perks for Formula 1 Legend, Ayrton Senna. To appreciate his active involvement in the development of the NSX and his Formula One victories, Honda gifted him not one but two Honda NSXs. And, the example you see above for sale happens to be one of them. Continue reading


Taking a Tour Through Paul Walker’s Car Collection

What made Paul Walker admirable was the fact he lived the life of a proper car guy even when he was not being Brian O’Connor.

There is merely a handful of exotics parked in there. You don’t often see a typical celebrity going for something like an E30 M3, a bunch of Japanese grey imports or a fleet of Fox Body Mustangs but Paul Walker was a true car enthusiast, he had a taste for the finer things in life.

2015 Subaru Impreza WRX and STI


First of all, I would like to confess to the fact there was little to no activity on this blog for the past couple of months but its just that work, life and the fact some amazing club members left the UAE earlier this summer, just pushed me a bit away from this community.

Nevertheless I am back with some news and photos of the updated 2015 Subaru Impreza concept. Its good to see that Subaru is back in the scene, their cars are starting to look more distinct and original compared to what they used to offer, ever since the beginning of time.

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Former Toyota Chief, Eiji Toyoda, Dead at 100


The man responsible for establishing Toyota City, expanding Toyota’s operations overseas, the birth of the Lexus brand and the Toyota Prius dies at the age of 100.

Toyota has had number of chiefs over its 76-year history, but none ever served as long as Eiji Toyoda. The younger cousin of the company’s founder served as president of the automaker from 1967 to 1982 and as chairman of the Toyota Motor Corporation for another ten years following the unification of the manufacturing and sales divisions.

Even after his retirement in 1992, he remained an honorary chairman and close advisor to his successors, and chaired the company’s museum. He died of heart failure, ending a 100-year life that started on September 12, 1913, before the company that bore his family’s name (albeit slightly modified) had even started building automatic looms, let alone automobiles. We extend our condolences to the Toyoda family and our congratulations on an accomplished life.



1961 Saab Rally Car

Its always good to see cars being used in a proper fashion, regardless the age or condition of the vehicle.

Appreciating classic and vintage cars should not only be restricted to museums and trailer queens; they should be experienced, driven, rebuilt, retrofitted and desired by today’s car enthusiasts, more often than ever.

It gives us hope every time we see classic rally cars like this one; lets hope it will be a more common sight in the future:

Toyota 86 Driver Killed in Tragic Cliff Fall Accident

This horrible accident took place in Cape Town, South Africa. A Toyota 86 falls off a cliff and lands on the rocky surface below killing the driver in the process.

Investigations are on going about what caused the accident and there are speculations about the possibility that the driver suddenly swerved to avoid an obstacle or was distracted while driving.

We urge everybody to drive safe, stay alert and always be wary of your limitations & that of your vehicle’s. Leave all the tail happiness and experimentation to the track environment.