Toyota 86 Driver Killed in Tragic Cliff Fall Accident

This horrible accident took place in Cape Town, South Africa. A Toyota 86 falls off a cliff and lands on the rocky surface below killing the driver in the process.

Investigations are on going about what caused the accident and there are speculations about the possibility that the driver suddenly swerved to avoid an obstacle or was distracted while driving.

We urge everybody to drive safe, stay alert and always be wary of your limitations & that of your vehicle’s. Leave all the tail happiness and experimentation to the track environment.




April 26 Shooting Session, Part 1

IMG_6574 copy

Pictured above are our members smiling to the camera of Top Performance Magazine during their shooting session for a special feature about the 86 & BRZ.

At the same day we shot a special video for our club, thanks to the efforts of DeeJay CaucAsian so stay tuned for a teaser video that will be coming soon.

Also, thanks to Debbie for sharing some of the below shots from the event:

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Fake Feature: Counterfeit Wheels in the UAE


Recently, I just went through the website of a local wheel vendor and I was amazed by the generous deals they offer on wheels like Volk Rays TE37s, which are being sold for about AED 2000 for a set, which sounds extremely skeptical. The funnier part is statements like quality, originality are being tossed around that site.

The UAE market is pretty much flooded with fake wheels and other counterfeit products. Spotting fakes is becoming harder as the days pass, ricers might fancy the idea but not everybody is willing to cheap out on safety, performance and quality. Please note, this article is not meant to demean anyone for buying replica wheels; rather just a reminder for people to be careful out there and not to end up being ripped off.

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IMG_6562 copy

We visited The Dubai Chase in-order to cheer some of our members who participated in the event, especially those taking part in drag race which might sound a bit over the top but turned out nicely.

The weather was a bit strange, as it should be in the UAE; drizzle and light rains messed up the show cars and made the organizers think twice for a few minutes prior proceeding with the races.

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Starwars on Earth, Specifically Dubai


The following photos are a result of the efforts and creativity of advertisement photographer Cédric Delsaux. This collection was released in three batches with the first one in 2005, the second in 2007 and the latest in 2010.

These pictures have been, lately, re-posted by several sources and went viral with little reference to its creator.

The concept of the photos is based on the idea of picking certain locations on Earth that fit with the character and feel of the Star Wars universe, to later have several Star Wars characters, vehicles and features super imposed into them.

Dubai has been used as a significant setting for his work so have fun guessing the locations of each shot, UAE residents!

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