EMSF & Dubai Police Anti-Drugs Modified Car Competition

Yesterday was the International Day Against Drugs. Dubai Police and EMSF have held a large gathering of modified cars on Mamzar Beach in Dubai.

I did not stay there for long but managed to see some interesting and controversial rides of all kinds.

It was a nice to see a motoring authority working side by side with the law; this is something we were asking for almost a decade. Now it seems that Dubai is slowly transforming into a safe haven for modified cars while the other emirates tighten their grip on car enthusiasts and alienate anybody with an interesting car.


Toyota & BMW to Develop Sports Car

So this might sound huge to some of you but nowadays such unlikely alliances have become part of life in the automotive sector.

December last year, BMW & Toyota entered a partnership for sharing hybrid and diesel engine technologies. Well that is not the big news rather this partnership have lately been extended to also exchanging technology for developing sports cars & extra lightweight materials. To further analyze the situation:

First, lets look at Akio Toyoda, the CEO that is leading Toyota out of its ‘boring car maker’ reputation back into its glory. He is almost like Soichiro Honda a proper car fanatic. Here’s how Jalopnik.com puts things into perspective:

Let’s face it: when Akio Toyoda became CEO at Toyota, nobody really knew what to make of it. Was he just representing the family’s interests? Would he be a puppet for management? Or was he a Hail Mary pass to pull Toyota out of its slump?

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Building Lights Hack

I just nicked this video from Uaeboost member Rashood. I just thought we need to take a little break from automobiles in general, its just mind boggling at times.

This video is dedicated to the computer geeks that are visiting our blog. I hope you like them. Some formidable effort and planning was put into making this work:

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Lexus LFA, The Last Few

This is believed to be the last edition of the Lexus LFA. The LFA is an inevitable modern classic; it did serve its purpose as being a technological exercise for the car-maker.

Production might end late this year; expect an announcement with the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

This is basically the Nurburgring Edition painted in Teal; most notable is the absence central exhaust pipes, extra air vents and composite & carbon fiber panels. It is also believed that the drive-train gets some minor upgrades.

[source: carscoop]

TMG, Toyota's 'AMG'

TMG (Toyota Motorsport Gmbh), more like Toyota’s version of AMG, is the upcoming performance sub-brand from the car maker that offers sportier variants of existing Lexus and Toyota models. TMG is based in Cologne, Germany in Toyota’s former Formula One performance facility.

Akio Toyoda, a proper car and racing enthusiast himself, is really flexing his decision making muscle with such a move. It is not unusual to see him push the envelope beyond the Lexus LFA, ISF & Toyota 86.

The move behind TMG is a just one as it would keep their Cologne Hi-tech facility busy and operational. Expect to be seeing performance packages for several models such as the Lexus LS, they were testing at the Nurburgring, and this WRC preppred Toyota Yaris. Toyota seems to be putting this whole resurrection of the sports car and performance heritage, after almost a decade of absolutely boring cars, into overdrive & the fact they pulled out of the F1 since 2009.

[source: Car Advice]

Toyota Camatte Concept

Looks like ever since Akio Toyoda took over; things have started taking a somehow unconventional direction for Toyota. For almost a decade the carmaker has gained the reputation of building cars of anonymous character; until Akio’s arrival, which sparked the development of the Toyota 86, it seems to be merely the beginning of a new era that we hope would bring this carmaker back to its glory.

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2JZ in an 86

As soon as the news about the Toyota 86 broke out, Toyota fan-boys from around the globe started yelling ‘2JZ swap!’ all over the place! It all started with online news about an 86 being prepared for a 2JZ transplant right before the car was launched into the market, still no major news about this project but it’s worth looking into.

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