Topped Off..

Just couldn’t resist not sharing the character and charm of this 1970s Celica. Those Watanbes look perfect on her..


For the love of J-Tin, me not being in Cali for JCCS, nothing like RS Watanabes with centercaps to finish off any JNC…


Enjoy yur weekend folks, go out for a drive!

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H&R Springs Installation for the Toyota 86

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Last time, we worked on installing BC adjustable coilovers on Firas’s 86. This time, we are installing H&R lowering springs on Sid’s 86.

The process takes, almost, the same time as installing coilovers but goes to a slightly different route as we had to disassemble each strut, remove the stock springs and replace them with the nice blue H&R ones. The end result was very satisfying, coupled with H&R wheel spacers on the front and the back.

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We finally sorted out the car stickers issue and now we have something to represent and make this car community stand out. These stickers will always be available at our gatherings and events for people to purchase.

The stickers come in pairs and are PVC material; each sticker is 21×8 cm in dimensions. Price for one set, containing two stickers, is AED 10. Price for two sets, containing four stickers is AED 15.

Anybody staying outside the UAE, will have to rely on mail order, for the mean-time, to get their stickers sorted.

For further inquires and if anybody wants one, just drop us a comment here, letting us know and we’ll contact you asap.

We will be offering these stickers on March 22 at our initial meeting point before we make a move to THE MEET 13.

Alfa Romeo/ Mazda Roadster Project is Confirmed

Just like Toyota and Subaru teamed up to produce the 86/BRZ. Now Mazda and Alfa Romeo are working together on their very own compact sports car. Now, this sounds like a seductive combo. Both cars are expected to sell in the US by 2015.

Though these won’t be identical twins just like the 86 and BRZ; instead, each car will be engineered and fitted with what each manufacturer deems suitable. There will be noteworthy differences in design, drive-trains and specs.

Such alliance should prove to be fruitful, Alfa Romeo’s sexiness coupled with Mazda’s best selling sports car in the world.

Sexy, right?