Hurricane Sandy Drifter

You’ve seen people before stand behind a tv reporter doing all kinds ridiculous antics. This recent one is appealing to us car people.

The scenario is as follows: A TV reporter reporting live from Columbia, Lancaster County; covering the anticipated arrival of Hurricane Sandy to the East Coast. Behind him is a wet intersection on which, out of nowhere, a Japanese sedan kicks its tail out around that intersection while being caught on camera.

Currently the Hurricane already hit the East Coast about five hours ago; many of us wanting to attend SEMA had to call it off this time. Reports of mass evacuations, power cuts yet moderate damage have been circulating lately.

Crank and Piston spotted the video before we did. We wanted to support the idea of letting this go viral.


Awesome Gas Turbine Van

What is basically happening in the following videos is that somebody took his mom’s/ wife’s van, fit a gas turbine engine in the back & went drag racing with it.

The score on a 1/8th mile is 7.65 at 96 mph. The scream of the gas turbine is sound is pleasant; great for shattering windows & deafening pedestrians.

It should serve as a nice engineering project but its nothing new; the concept has been applied to drag race applications numerous times and other heavy marine or ground vehicles.

Jay Leno drives a Toyota’s 1936 Toyoda AA

I am not a fan of Jay Leno but that’s just me. Though one cannot deny he does cover a valuable portion of the automotive world.

Recently Jay Leno is touring Japan to get a taste of its automotive universe. His recent encounter was with an ultra rare Toyoda AA; which was Toyoda family’s first attempted automobile.

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The $15,900 Delorean Watch

This wont take you back in time but it will allow you to carry a piece of Delorean with a price tag equivalent to a Delorean in the 80s, after DMC went bankrupt.

Roman Jerome are the creators of this watch; known for unusual creations, such as the the Moon Dust time piece, which apparently contains actual moon dust. The Eyjafjallajökull-DNA watch has a dial that incorporates ash from the volcano in Iceland of the same name.

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Tablets Vs. Headunits

This started growing on me as soon as a friend of mine, who is an Apple/Mac/Jobs fanatic, told me about his vision of deleting head-units from cars & replacing them completely with smart phones or tablets.

Smart Phone or Tablet integration is not something new in cars but tablets replacing head-units does not seem far fetched. Could this mean the conventional head-unit or infotainment system might become obsolete after some time, in favor of an app filled tablet connected to many of your car’s functions?

Smart phones have already proven their endless possibilities. It would be a matter of time until, lets say, Apple introduces their own special infotainment product, with a brilliant touch screen?`

As a matter of fact, the new iPad Mini seems to fit perfectly in 2-DIN head-units, if not this Nexus 7 tablet fitted in the dashboard of a Scion FRS, not the cleanest install but does the trick:

Time will tell how things should evolve. Numerous car infotainment systems are not that intuitive, offer crappy touch screens & distract drivers.

Perhaps one day we could also carry our vehicle’s main brain or master ECU in a tablet & tweak endless functions in our vehicles.