2012 Motoring Middle East, 4th Meet

This can be said to be the best Motoring Middle East gathering ever. Bringing together members of the Honda community, Seat Club, JAACK, Mustang Club and various other motoring communities of the UAE & middle east.

We sure do hope an event of such caliber could mean more communication and unity among motoring communities of the region. One thing for sure the community is growing bigger and better than ever.

The below photos do not do any justice to the event but due to the shortage of time, this is what was managed. There was an epic mustang line up which was barely shown here.


Porsche GT3 Bodyshell Restoration

When was the last time you gave any serious attention to your car’s under body? Cars are cheap in the UAE; switching vehicles every now and then is more suitable for many people rather than keeping and refurbishing a car. In other places cars are valued differently as they cost a hell lot.

Impressive quality and proper workmanship have gone into the restoration of this Porsche GT3 by Ninemeister Garage in the UK. The end result looks almost like the car recently left the assembly line. Check out their complete work progress gallery on their facebook page, otherwise check out the images below:

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Toyota Town Ace, prepped for track.


With our world short and thirsty for any modern-affordable rear wheel drive cars this can serve as as a worse case scenario; at least the Japanese can make anything seem like a good idea when it comes to cars. Regardless, these vans are tough and solid. The chassis might be a bit off but the vehicle has an almost ‘mid-engine’ layout and plenty of tail happiness.

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2012 MEMTS, Part: 2

This selection of shots is focused on some of the interesting show cars featured at the event. Specifically the wildly retro-fitted Dodge Power Wagon and that showroom condition Datsun 510, restored in the US.

This year did sport a truly unique and awesome line up of cars and businesses within this industry. You should not miss this.

Soon we’ll be posting the action shots from the skid pads.

2012 MEMTS, Part: 1

This year’s Middle East Motor Tuning Show is quite impressive. The line up of show cars and attractions are truly stunning from fully restored/retro-fitted classics to wildly slammed street tuners. Also, drifting is starting to get more of the focus it deserves in the country; after checking out the saloon car drifting course organized by Emirates Motor Sport Federation.

We just wish to know that there will be a bright future for car enthusiasts and since the focus of this year’s show is to reinforce the aftermarket parts & modifications industry’s interest in the region; it seems we may see the light in the end of the tunnel with regards to the rules and regulations for modifying cars soon.

Here is some of the coverage from the event, more photos and details coming soon.

Subaru BRZ Owners Manual

Here is a PDF file of the complete Subaru BRZ’s Owners Manual.

Also, here is an informative and interesting video explaining the thought, passion and execution process behind the Subaru BRZ; being the 3rd coupe ever produced by Subaru and potentially the best one ever. Also, the new 2.0 boxer engine might be potentially used in future Subaru Models.

We are still waiting for any official news about when the Subaru BRZ will arrive to the UAE, stay tuned.

Thanks to ft86club.com