Taking a Tour Through Paul Walker’s Car Collection

What made Paul Walker admirable was the fact he lived the life of a proper car guy even when he was not being Brian O’Connor.

There is merely a handful of exotics parked in there. You don’t often see a typical celebrity going for something like an E30 M3, a bunch of Japanese grey imports or a fleet of Fox Body Mustangs but Paul Walker was a true car enthusiast, he had a taste for the finer things in life.


Motoring Middle East, Sep. 2012

This was probably the largest ever motoring middle east gathering ever. Hundreds of cars from ghetto ricers to rare exotic classics lined up in a huge parking area. It was an awesome but hot & humid day.

I was nice to finally meet our 86cult buddy, Mohammed ST Cyclone, who came all the way from Bahrain to get along with us. We could not line up our 86s due to the fact they ran out of space and many people showed up late but it was great to hang out with all the good guys there like Zlatko, Ahmed Alamiri, Roman Gavin, Naif, Moh’d T, Lionel and many more I cannot remember.

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Chris Harris on Cars, Toyota GT86 vs Nissan 370Z vs Porsche Cayman

Lately, I am always in a war trying to beat ft86club by posting any news, that I believe might meet the interest of our visitors, right before they do on their own blog. This time, they beat me again with Chris Harris’s video comparison between the above mentioned cars.

Many would favor Chris Harris on Cars over many of the more prominent automotive media. The descriptive manner in which he reviews cars is as close as you can get to sitting behind the wheel.

This video responds to the hype around the forums and various media putting the 86 against cars like the Cayman. Also, those wondering why would people love the 86 this much even though it doesn’t offer massive numbers; Chris puts it in perspective with this video.

Finally, to spoil it for you, in case it never crossed your mind; he loved the Porsche Cayman among the two, it doesn’t surprise me.

2012 Motoring Middle East, 4th Meet

This can be said to be the best Motoring Middle East gathering ever. Bringing together members of the Honda community, Seat Club, JAACK, Mustang Club and various other motoring communities of the UAE & middle east.

We sure do hope an event of such caliber could mean more communication and unity among motoring communities of the region. One thing for sure the community is growing bigger and better than ever.

The below photos do not do any justice to the event but due to the shortage of time, this is what was managed. There was an epic mustang line up which was barely shown here.

Porsche GT3 Bodyshell Restoration

When was the last time you gave any serious attention to your car’s under body? Cars are cheap in the UAE; switching vehicles every now and then is more suitable for many people rather than keeping and refurbishing a car. In other places cars are valued differently as they cost a hell lot.

Impressive quality and proper workmanship have gone into the restoration of this Porsche GT3 by Ninemeister Garage in the UK. The end result looks almost like the car recently left the assembly line. Check out their complete work progress gallery on their facebook page, otherwise check out the images below:

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The Million Km Porsche

Excellence is one of the finest Porsche magazines out there and its hard not to share the following story from their latest issue.

Usually classic cars fascinate many people; seeing a vehicle that is more than 2 decades old being brought back into top shape. Seeing one in the flesh (or metal, in the case of cars) is more like looking at a time capsule showing the design, desire, technology & trends that went behind the development of the automobile at that era.

But what would be more captivating is the story that revolves around the life of every specific classic we look at. While some of the expensive ones are retired as show cars. There are some few that are being preserved and retro-fitted to be driven on a daily basis which is the sole & expected purpose of an automobile regardless.

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