Subaru BRZ with Cusco Mods

This is an in-car video of the Subaru BRZ going on on track. The BRZ boasts some impressive handling and the control is mind blowing because this model is actually fitted with a Cusco limited slip differential, ZERO 3 race suspension along with other mods.

As a matter of fact, earlier, Cusco released their parts catalog for the Subaru BRZ & Toyota 86. The verdict Porsche like handling for less money as far as the hype goes.

As far as the whole concept goes is that you can buy a cheap sports car that is forgiving to drive and handle then invest on the long run with after-market modifications that make the car a killer on track. This is will still cost less than premium cars like a Porsche Boxster S within a matter of time until HKS and/or TRD release their production forced induction kits.

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Subaru BRZ vs Mazda MX-5 & Nissan 370Z

Personally I stick to the belief that if you never drive it yourself, you can never really judge it. Even though all of these cars share the similar front engine rear wheel drive layout; each is a whole different animal. The BRZ’s strength is in its low center of gravity the, MX-5 is slightly similar; while the 370Z is has a bigger mass, bigger engine & a higher price-tag. The Subaru BRZ, apparently, introduces a whole new formula into the market & here is what AutoCar had to say about these three cars (online article can be accessed here).

(Magazine scans from ft86club)

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Toyota 86 Development Story


This is a complete booklet that tells the story of the development, the people, heritage & history behind the Toyota 86. For those still not having a clear insight about what makes this an interesting car that could potentially change the course of the sports car segment; you might want to consider going through this brochure. The three year wait is now over & its just a matter of time until the car arrives to our shores & region.

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Japan's First Subaru BRZ Meet

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Yes, ft86club posted this coverage of the first gathering of Subaru BRZ owners that happened a few days ago in Japan. The car started selling there a few months ago but the anticipation it built over the past couple of years was pretty strong and here you can see the first batch with the hands of some hard-core fans.
Once again the 86 & BRZ managed to reduce the gap between the consumer and car-maker by actually building a car that fits the needs & budget of the average enthusiast. Along with providing a platform that is can soak aftermarket modifications accordingly.
Here are photos of the meet:

Gymkhana Battle: Subaru BRZ vs Nissan 370Z

This is not a fair comparison between a modified Nissan 370Z & a stock Subaru BRZ but still is an interesting one. The BRZ might not have the large power out-put as that of the Z nor the aftermarket chassis mods yet it does manage to go around & catch up really well on the corners.

Hopefully such a car will pave the way to building more capable but affordable sports cars; it did its job best in captivating the interest of the market & the industries involved. Earlier, Nissan hinted they are interested building a car to rival the 86 & BRZ.

Toyota AE86 from Bahrain


The same gentleman from Bahrain that sent us a photo of the Toyota 86 Catalog recently shared this personal video of an AE86 drift car project being built there. What seems to be a Hachi-Roku with a turbo-charged beams engine, a 6 speed manual along with various chassis modifications. This is another Hachi-Roku being brought back to life and work is almost complete; test runs are expected within this week. Hopefully we get our hands on a  some videos of it going sideways.

Below, you can check out this video where all the work done on the car so far is being explained, nicely done: