M.I.A. Video Clip Featuring "Saudi Drifting"

This is a cool video clip of MIA’s song, Bad Girls featuring lots of arab looking people doing Saudi style stunts (aka Hajwalah) with cars; this was picked from evolve.ae.

(click on the image above to access the video)

Though there is a misconception with regards to the usage of European cars like an Alfa Romeo and some Bimmers instead of the more common Camrys & Land Cruisers. Also the fact there are girls dancing around. I would say this is going to be hit in the GCC regardless; we personally liked the video.

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2012 Ford Focus Launch & the Ford Rabaa Rally

Yesterday we were invited to the launch of the Ford Focus ‘Rabaa’ (friends or buddies in Khaleeji dialect) Rally. The rally is part of the overall 2012 Ford Focus launch campaign. Paul Anderson, Ford Middle East’s regional director of marketing, besides introducing us to Ford’s Rabaa Rally; started highlighting that a whole new model line up from Ford will be revealed later this year & the unique features of the new Ford Focus.

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Motoring Middle East 3rd Meet, part: 1


Motoring Middle East is another outstanding and popular automotive blog of the UAE. Every year they hold a meet in which a variety of car enthusiasts meet up and showcase their finely restored classics, tuners, along with some variety of really rare cars you dont spot everyday in the UAE.

This year’s meeting was not as noisy as the last one but sure did have a very interesting line up. Not to mention that venue was Sharjah’s Classic Car Museum so there was quite a number of classics. Here is the first installment of shots from the meet:

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Tesla Woes, the Rambo Lambo & the $70000 FJ43 Land Cruiser


We pick up a couple of sizzling stories from around the net. We are entering a whole new era in the automobile world. China is becoming a major playground for car-makers, electric cars are dominating & an increasing demand & passion for classic cars (specifically Japanese). We pick, from the net, one story related to each of these three aspects of the auto-world.

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China's Home-made Lamborghinis

Man from China makes Lamborghini Diablo from Sratch


This is not another rant about the never ending story of how China is the land of replicas & counterfeit goods rather the story of how creative and resourceful people can get.

The automobile industry has become very accessible for the average person; at least those with the right amount of knowledge, money, tools & passion. This is a Lamborghini Diablo replica, spotted on www.carnewschina.com built from scratch by its owner. If you cannot afford the real thing then you make your own from scratch.

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