Subaru BRZ tS by STi


This is latest creation from Subaru’s Sti division, only 500 of this ‘sexified’ version of the BRZ will be produced (250 which will be GT models) and none of them will be turbocharged.

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Former Toyota Chief, Eiji Toyoda, Dead at 100


The man responsible for establishing Toyota City, expanding Toyota’s operations overseas, the birth of the Lexus brand and the Toyota Prius dies at the age of 100.

Toyota has had number of chiefs over its 76-year history, but none ever served as long as Eiji Toyoda. The younger cousin of the company’s founder served as president of the automaker from 1967 to 1982 and as chairman of the Toyota Motor Corporation for another ten years following the unification of the manufacturing and sales divisions.

Even after his retirement in 1992, he remained an honorary chairman and close advisor to his successors, and chaired the company’s museum. He died of heart failure, ending a 100-year life that started on September 12, 1913, before the company that bore his family’s name (albeit slightly modified) had even started building automatic looms, let alone automobiles. We extend our condolences to the Toyoda family and our congratulations on an accomplished life.



ADAPT Performance: Meet n’ Chill, Tuning Day and Drive to Jebel Hafeet


First of all, apologies for the limited amount of photos for this event as we were busy having too much fun. We head out as a convoy from Dubai Outlet Mall towards Al Ain on a very hot afternoon. As we reach Al Ain we get greeted by dark clouds, cooler weather, rain fall and finally the guy who made it all possible, Theo, the boss of Adapt Performance.

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