Drifting a 2Jz Cressida on Norwegian Roads

Nicely done video. Enjoy!


AE86 Drift Team Mouse

Team Mouse is a brotherhood of Japanese AE86 drifters that perform some impressive super close well composed drifts. Their skills and ability to telepathically synchronize their performance on track is just a beautiful thing to witness. You have to know about those guys as they seem to do anything but fail to impress.

Hurricane Sandy Drifter

You’ve seen people before stand behind a tv reporter doing all kinds ridiculous antics. This recent one is appealing to us car people.

The scenario is as follows: A TV reporter reporting live from Columbia, Lancaster County; covering the anticipated arrival of Hurricane Sandy to the East Coast. Behind him is a wet intersection on which, out of nowhere, a Japanese sedan kicks its tail out around that intersection while being caught on camera.

Currently the Hurricane already hit the East Coast about five hours ago; many of us wanting to attend SEMA had to call it off this time. Reports of mass evacuations, power cuts yet moderate damage have been circulating lately.

Crank and Piston spotted the video before we did. We wanted to support the idea of letting this go viral.

2012 Red Bull Middle East Park Drift in Jordan

Red Bull Car Park Drift (1)

We pick up the press release of last week’s car park drift event in Jordan.

“Last night, the excitement and suspense hit unprecedented levels in the history of the competition”, said Alberto Chahoud, Regional Communication Manager for Red Bull. “We are thrilled to have offered motorsports fans a competition that gave drifting a totally new meaning”. Chahoud thanked Jordan Motorsport for their support, as well as Chevrolet and the other sponsors; he didn’t forget to pay a special tribute to the press for their great coverage of the event.

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