2012 Kansai All Star Drift GP


The legacy of drifting is growing bigger and better on a world wide scale. It still looks more magical in Japan seeing all the drifting zealots on track during the Kansai All Star Drift GP.

The event’s atmosphere is sensational; the huge crowds of spectators, the best drifting artists of Kansai battling each other on track and the end of the day huge team drifting. This is when the crashes are very likely to happen:

20120812-dsc07452 20120812-dsc07614 20120812-dsc07660 20120812-dsc07762  20120812-dsc08070 20120812-dsc07575 20120812-dsc07565 20120812-dsc07556 20120812-dsc07563

Here’s some action from the previous years:





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