EDT's 86, Under the Hood

A video tour of what lies inside the 2JZ powered Emirates Drifting Team’s 86 car. Notice the loud hiss from the fuel pumps.


2 thoughts on “EDT's 86, Under the Hood

  1. Oh come on! 2JZ? that dinosaur engine should die already! its friggen heavy and going to screw the -ultra- delicate weight balance of the car… really bad choice. this is not a drag race, drifting is about balance not the MAXIMUM HP

  2. A drift car built for competition will require large amounts of power & a solid engine like the 2jz will do the job..

    This is not the first and might not be the last 86 drift car with a 2JZ drop.. It follows the footsteps of speed hunters 86-X project which also uses a 2JZ and mounts the radiator in the trunk for weight balance.

    The 2jz might not die in a long time especially that many aftermarket engine builders are selling 2jz crate engines all the time..

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