Toyota 86 Sedan Approved for Production!



Before you start complaining about why this is a ridiculous idea and why on earth would they approve a sedan variant while dropping the idea of a convertible version? Well, think about the bright side of having an 86 sedan. Remember the Datsun 510 or the BMW E30 sedans? Well you can think of this 4 door 86 as their modern alternative; a cheap, practical and a simple performance sedan. Plus, the wife is less likely to complain about it, the kids will probably like it and the insurance quote could go lower.

The 86, for the least, still remains loyal to the idea of being a ‘budget’ sports car. Though the price being proposed, initially, could probably be a bit too high but were not certain as we got the info from Australian sources:

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Advertisements at “The Fast And Furious 6 Extreme Car Park”

IMG_7085 copy

Thanks for everybody who managed to make it!! Once again its nice to see that out club is growing bigger… The 86s are starting to transform slowly into proper tuner cars and we got lucky today to meet up with Mansoor, the first BRZ owner to attend our meets! Stay tuned as we figure out some future events and drives! Finally, thanks for EMSF and our 86’er Zuhair for organizing the spot for us!

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The Hachi Roku Buyer’s Guide


The ‘hachi roku’ is officially a classic car and the demand on it is increasing day by day. This means many of them will be over-priced to sometimes an unfair extent regardless the condition of the car.

People tend to get infatuated about the ae86 but in reality, probably, 90% of them wont even buy one and the reasons is that not every average enthusiast can handle the effort, money and struggle it requires to get this car back in top shape. It will be an easier step if you got plenty money or are a mechanic of your own.

This is a general guide, from for buying an AE86 in the US; though almost the same rules can be applied for the rest of the planet and for almost any car of the same age:

I want to buy an AE86 but can’t find one….what should I do?

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The Most Preserved AE86 (SR5) on Earth? With only 55,000 Miles

1985 Toyota SR5 AE86 04

This 1984 SR5 is probably one of the most well preserved cars on this planet; besides the AE86 that speed hunters stumbled upon years ago.

Also known as the AE85 in some places, which basically shares the same Corolla GTS platform without the glory of a 4AGE, a 5 speed manual, limited slip differential or rear disc brakes, as far as I recall, so don’t take it as an accurate fact.

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5th Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ Meet

IMG_5716 copy

Pictures are up for out last event! Once again new faces with more cars. Nice to meet you all and as usual we look forward to see how far you will go in modifying your rides.

Lets just hope a BRZ or an AE86 will show up someday.

Also, keep your eyes peeled; a group buy or a special discount could be arranged for our club in the near future. Plus, we will resume working on the stickers asap.

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Another 86 with Watanabes

Watanabe Wheels have maintained an iconic status among JDM wheels and among AE86 owners. The somehow retro shape and design is really eye catching; unlike most modern wheels that feature tall skinny spokes and barely any form of beautiful chunkiness you find in the RS Watanabe 8 spoke model.

The 86’s design can hold or absorb bits of subtle retro looks and the car sits pretty on those 17″x7″ magnesium Watanabes. The only issue is that these could cost a fortune to acquire if ordered from Japan.

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