Pimps Can Drift

You don’t see this everyday but it is sure as hell the coolest and craziest thing to do with a Dracula mobile.

This is the Le Seyde from Mitsuoka, the same Japanese firm that builds several retro and exotic creations like the famous Orochi.

This model is actually an S15 Silvia underneath. An added bonus is that its present owner replaced the stock drivetrain with that of the light and nimble Silvia unit with a turbo & five speed gearbox.

Whats more surprising it is quite a challenge to manage to drift with such a long wheel base. If only I could find some video footage.

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Bee*R Rocket Bunny BRZ

This is one of a kind custom BRZ created by Bee*R, I assume this is another car. Fitted with a Rocket Bunny Kit, a Toyota 86 Fascia, along with a whole host of unique mechanical modifications, such as:

  • Exhaust headers + custom tailpipe
  • DC5 custom suspension
  • Tomei LSD differential
  • Bee*R Custom Wheels

Watch this video as Kiyonori Imai, president of Bee*R, reviews the car:

This is the same Bee*R BRZ that crashed earlier this year and got resprayed in Yellow recently:

[source: XCAR]

Nostalgia: 2 Fast 2 Furious 1993 Toyota Supra Restoration


We tell a story that is still taking place ever since, almost, a decade ago. A time in which the Fast n’ Furious fever was spreading like wild fire; engulfing the minds of thousands if not millions of boy racers and ricers worldwide.

We tell the story of the Golden Toyota Supra featured in the bridge ‘jump & crash’ scene at the beginning of 2 Fast 2 Furious:

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Exhausts, Part 2 [Turbo & High-Tech Performance Exhaust Guide]


First of all don’t get all caught up by the 800 hp Skyline on the cover of this Turbo magazine.

Earlier we compared the pricing, performance & noise db rating of different aftermarket exhaust setups tested on a Scion FRS. Now we got on the technical side of cat back exhaust systems.

Inside the, pictured above, August 2006 issue of Turbo & High-Tech Performance Magazine was a very interesting Cat back exhaust 101 guide; it is a very nice piece of information to keep in mind whenever the story of exhaust modifications shows up.

Although the article does cover some stuff you may already know; there are quite a handful of valuable mech n’ tech information inside.

Just beware that these scans of the original article will be a ‘scroll-full’ of content.

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Exhausts, Part 1 [Scion FRS US Exhaust Guide from DSPORT Magazine]

tech-1 (1)

I think this, brief yet handy, guide will make life a little bit easier when choosing an exhaust system for your 86. It can, for the least, serve as a preliminary standard to follow when doing some exhaust shopping. We post some of DSPORT magazine’s tested models here for your consideration, starting with the popular brands.

With the aftermarket industry gone wild with 86/BRZ/FRS parts; it would be advised to be patient and do some valuable research before making a decision. A wise decision would be to wait for a year’s time until the dust settles & the products are fully tested, released or defined.

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3D Printers & the Auto World

Aston Martin model during assembly

The buzz about 3d printing is growing bigger each & everyday. Its nothing new but it has become noteworthy as the industry is quite growing. We are talking about a future where you potentially can fabricate anything at home with a small desktop plastic factory. Currently, it is possible to personally own & operate one with complete ease.

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