Toyota 86 Getting Toasted

Thanks to Tariq for sharing this video. Unfortunately, this is the destiny of some of the 86/BRZ cars sold here. The 86 is a suitable victim for ‘tafheet’ enthusiasts so dont be too surprised, you should have seen this one coming:

Make sure you think twice if you spot an orange 86 for sale anytime soon!


July 26th Trackday

IMG_7286 copyFor the first time, some of our members take the 86 out for a trackday, putting this car to the test for the first time. The weather on that day was warm and humid. The track was pretty dusty and humid as well.

A couple of the 86’es had their transmission and brake fluids swapped for something more genuine. Tire pressures were adjusted and off they went on track.

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Scion FRS Supercharger Review

Following is a great and comprehensive video series explaining the woes and headaches that go into building a supercharged FRS along with a very interesting verdict.

It is worth taking note of the below, if you plan to squeeze more power out of your 86, BRZ or FRS:


Toyota 86 Fuel Injector Failure

Stories are circulating about fuel injector failures on the FA20 engine and we just pick up this following technical document by Toyota USA, from, explaining the problems (misfiring, pinking sounds, leaks) and other strange behavior some of the FA20 power plants are exhibiting, along with what seems like a software remedy.

You can also check the main thread from which the below document was picked from, thanks to YoungJae for sharing. Just be aware there seems to be a decent dose of information and ‘mis-information’ regarding the problem as its all over the net.
Click on below the images for better viewing:998197_10151524620177102_1550339134_n 1000197_10151524626577102_1695579400_n

BC Racing Coilovers Installation for the Toyota 86


We were all excited about this moment. Especially Firas, the owner of the soon to be Rocket Bunny 86. The first pieces of the puzzle have arrived, the BC adjustable coilovers and this is what our members Sid and Firas have spent the night working on. It was a dusk till dawn job as the coilovers are the first vital step before installing the Rocket Bunny kit and its matching wheels.

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