Artyon Senna’s Red Honda NSX for Sale

571This is one car with a massive historical and sentimental value. It commemorates a legend and an era and I couldn’t help but share this piece of news:

Racing  Honda-powered Mclaren F1 cars had its perks for Formula 1 Legend, Ayrton Senna. To appreciate his active involvement in the development of the NSX and his Formula One victories, Honda gifted him not one but two Honda NSXs. And, the example you see above for sale happens to be one of them. Continue reading


Nissan’s IDx Freeflow and Honda’s New Beat Concept!


This year’s Tokyo Motor Show featured some really interesting concept cars from Nissan and Honda. The following concepts seem hint that there is still an appeal and interest in an entry level drivers’ car which is something we dearly miss these days. Nissan’s IDx Freeflow sends a strong message with its resemblance to the once reputable Datsun 510; while Honda’s Beat, seems to have grown a bit bigger than its Kei car origins.


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1961 Saab Rally Car

Its always good to see cars being used in a proper fashion, regardless the age or condition of the vehicle.

Appreciating classic and vintage cars should not only be restricted to museums and trailer queens; they should be experienced, driven, rebuilt, retrofitted and desired by today’s car enthusiasts, more often than ever.

It gives us hope every time we see classic rally cars like this one; lets hope it will be a more common sight in the future:

The Most Preserved AE86 (SR5) on Earth? With only 55,000 Miles

1985 Toyota SR5 AE86 04

This 1984 SR5 is probably one of the most well preserved cars on this planet; besides the AE86 that speed hunters stumbled upon years ago.

Also known as the AE85 in some places, which basically shares the same Corolla GTS platform without the glory of a 4AGE, a 5 speed manual, limited slip differential or rear disc brakes, as far as I recall, so don’t take it as an accurate fact.

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Nostalgia: 2 Fast 2 Furious 1993 Toyota Supra Restoration


We tell a story that is still taking place ever since, almost, a decade ago. A time in which the Fast n’ Furious fever was spreading like wild fire; engulfing the minds of thousands if not millions of boy racers and ricers worldwide.

We tell the story of the Golden Toyota Supra featured in the bridge ‘jump & crash’ scene at the beginning of 2 Fast 2 Furious:

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