Detail Shots of the Subaru BRZ

Here is a selection of full detail shots of the production Subaru BRZ, the Toyota 86’s twin, from last year’s Tokyo Motor Show. These were picked straight from the forums of FT86 Club. These shots are the closest you can possibly get to the BRZ, right here:

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The Aftermarket: Air Intakes

Photobucket An aftermarket air intake is a commonly discussed mod nowadays, it is the first thing that comes to mind as a reasonably priced performance enhancer yet such modification includes a whole set of responsibilities and considerations. After spending more than two years experimenting with different types of aftermarket cone filters; I will share the story of how things went.

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Etisalat's F1x3

One of the good things about living or working around the Motor City is that any track activity can be heard from a distance so in-case you are not sure if you are missing something you will be hearing it. Though its not sure how some of the residents of Motor City feel about it.

There was noise today, a high-revving croaky-roar noise coming out of autodrome; nothing like the usual.

Went there for a quick peek to find out that Etisalat got their 3 seat 2GP race car back as a promotional event  for their 100mbps internet connection.

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UAE RIDE: 1994 Toyota Supra TT, Completely Stock

The Toyota Supra is one of those popular cars in the tuning world with hundreds bought for their solid 2JZ engine and modified in so many stunning & even horrible ways. Sometimes you forget how a stock one actually looks like and it is a great car in stock shape already.


Well here is a rare sight of a 1994 Supra TT with a Targa Top; imported from the USA and now its sitting in the UAE. The car is in top shape due to the fact ‘lots of money’ was spent in ‘preserving’ the car rather than ‘modifying’ it. We picked some photos directly from the present owner and we tell some of the story here.

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Restored 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT

Its just beautiful to see an icon car being restored back into life. It is actually relieving to see that the demand and appreciation for classic/vintage cars is on the rise. Never in time have such passions and businesses prospered at such size and rate.

For some car enthusiasts, modern cars are just too calm, complex and dull. They don’t do the trick, especially with all the latest additions and gadgetry such as; electro power-steering systems, electrical throttles, smart gearboxes and many other refinements, and aid that interfere with the overall pure experience of driving dearly missed in today’s cars.

Besides, seeing all the time, effort & passion that goes into bringing a car back to life is one good reason to fall in love with examples like this 1971 Nissan Skyline GT aka ‘Hakosuka’ from JDM Legends. JDM Legends is a vintage Japanese car restoration business in the US with attention to the finest details and quality.
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Toyota 86 Official Prices in Japan


Aimed to be a very affordable Rear-wheel-drive sports car with Porsche Boxster like driving dynamics, the Toyota 86’s prices are out in Japan. Though earlier when the concept car was out, fans were promised a $ 20000 people’s sports car. Still the car does offer a lot of potential and it does what you expect from a basic driver’s car.

The prices & trims based on a report from Inside Line will be as follows:

Just the Facts:

  • Toyota announced in Japan that prices for the new 86 sports car will range from $25,600 for a bare-bones “customizable” model to $38,200 for the top-of-the-line GT Limited trim level.
  • The Toyota 86 will be offered in Japan in four trim levels — Customize Grade, G, GT and GT Limited — according to the Web site
  • The starter Customize Grade comes without air-conditioning and gets unpainted bumpers.

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New Drivers to Receive Highway Training, in Dubai

Commuting on a daily basis onEmirates Road(E 311) you will witness debris and shard of blown tires on the road. It is common to see large Lorries to blow up tires often as they slow down and reach to right service lane & every week you will witness at least 1 accident of varying degrees of devastation.

During weekends the situation is calmer with less traffic density & less stress. The bottlenecks on that highway start somewhere between Mirdiff City Centre all the way to Ajman where there is a sudden slowdown of traffic speed.

Police Patrol and Speed Cameras have tripled on emirates road along with Stricter Traffic Laws in the past few years. Reckless driving did considerably decrease compared to a couple of years ago, statistics by authorities claim an 18% decrease in fatalities in late 2010.

Still, the roads are quite dangerous and accidents are happening. The roads are not to blame, its the the driving manners in the UAE, which is hilarious at sometimes; tailgating is very common especially on the fast lane, lack of lane discipline, speeding, dangerously slowing down, sudden maneuvers without warning or signaling. Some people claim ‘that driving on the roads of the UAE is like a slow way to die, the stress and rage will eventually kill you’.

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