2012, Nostalgic 2 Days

This is some footage from Nostalgic 2 Days, earlier this year, just to warm you up for the weekend. Some of the finest restorations, retrofits and styling can be seen here. This is one show nobody should miss.

Now off to the weekend, drive safe!


[photo credit:http://jonsibal.com]

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Formula E. E for Electric!

Bluebird GTL Formula E racing car concept

In Brief, Formula E is an electric car racing series launched by the FIA. Times are changing and with cars like the Nissan Leaf being sold to the masses, it is now obvious that electric cars are pioneers that will shape the future of the automotive world. Such venture will accelerate R&D on electrical cars. As far as we understood the championship is taking pace in 2014. It will be probably be the most silent motor race in history and as far as sources confirmed, they will be swapping cars rather than tires at the pit stop.

Recently this press release from formulaeholdings.com.

FIA Formula E ChampionshipPowered by electric energy
The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) has reached an agreement to licence the commercial rights of the FIA Formula E Championship to a Consortium of international investors.


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4AGE-T TE72 Corolla Drifting

We pick up this footage from the net and damn it was a nice run in that hachi-roku. Hopefully autocross will be kicking in soon as the weather gets better in the UAE probably a Go Pro would be nice at the time.

Business Casual TE72 Takes a lap at F440 from Cole Chalmers on Vimeo.

The track was short lived, drifting was shut down at the Go-Kart course within a week of it being given the green light by track owners. At least Warren was able to bring his 4AGE-T TE72 Corolla there before the police interfered. Take a lap with him!

Nostalgia: Lexus SC300/ Toyota Soarer

This car gained much more appeal after its production ended because of the tuning scene. Some regard it as a poor man’s Toyota Supra.

This was the first ever coupe from Lexus and it was aimed at cars like the Mercedes SL. The SC did manage an average success with sales figures reaching above 100,000 units in the US, according to some sources. Though the car was appreciated more as it aged and tuners soon started to swarm around it.

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R&D: Budget Classic Toyota

Plans and ideas are boiling inside my head about buying a budget classic (noticed the contradiction?) sports car, from the ”pop-up headlight” era.

The major concern is finding ways to minimize the risks or gamble involved with venturing into such a project. You just wish if it can all be accurately foreseen prior taking the action. For a first timer, it seems to be frustrating especially when a tight budget is involved.

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GM: The Road Ahead


Pictured above: the great tower of Sau- General Motors.

Remarkably, we got a significant amount of muscle car folks that eagerly keep on visiting our blog and Facebook page; this post is dedicated to them. The impact of American cars on the history books and hearts & minds of many car lovers around the world is priceless. I am no business or automotive world analyst but seeing the horrible situation that Detroit’s big three, specifically GM, is mind boggling.

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