1961 Saab Rally Car

Its always good to see cars being used in a proper fashion, regardless the age or condition of the vehicle.

Appreciating classic and vintage cars should not only be restricted to museums and trailer queens; they should be experienced, driven, rebuilt, retrofitted and desired by today’s car enthusiasts, more often than ever.

It gives us hope every time we see classic rally cars like this one; lets hope it will be a more common sight in the future:


Subaru BRZ ‘V8’


Underneath the hood of this innocent BRZ is the heart of a demonic Corvette. The work, done by Weapons Grade Performance, involved in squeezing this power-plant into the tiny BRZ is impressive.

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Vent Integrated Digital Interface for the 86/BRZ by P3


Check out this awesome gauge from P3 Cars. These guys are specialized in creating custom and state of the art digital gauges for mainly premium cars like Audis.

Although the price for this item is quite pricey ($339), it is a very compact and clean fit into the dash of an 86 or BRZ.


86cult Jebel Hafeet Drive


Some of our members decided to wake up at 4:30 am and make a drive towards Jebel Hafeet.. For those who are surprised about why would anybody drag themselves out of bed at 3 am to go for a drive to Jebel Hafeet, they really know what they are missing. This road is built for cars like the 86, BRZ or S2000. For more evidence, check out this video footage from Sid’s 86.
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