Artyon Senna’s Red Honda NSX for Sale

571This is one car with a massive historical and sentimental value. It commemorates a legend and an era and I couldn’t help but share this piece of news:

Racing  Honda-powered Mclaren F1 cars had its perks for Formula 1 Legend, Ayrton Senna. To appreciate his active involvement in the development of the NSX and his Formula One victories, Honda gifted him not one but two Honda NSXs. And, the example you see above for sale happens to be one of them. Continue reading


Honda Talk

Its been a while since I did a feature about other car makers and Hondas are a trending topic lately at

Besides being Hondas that were great to drive, the below pictured cars have earned their place as modern classics among the car world.

They existed during a time when Hondas were actually interesting up until the global ricer invasion occurred  sometime during the release of the first couple of Fast n’ Furious films arrived and Honda started to slwoly lose its path after the end of the NSX production.

The S2000 was perhaps on everybody’s list right before the 86 or BRZ was out but you know what? If you really treasure the S2000 or any of the below Hondas, then get one and keep it clean!

We just hope and cross our fingers, once again, that Honda would start to go back to its roots and build cars that are both interesting to drive and interesting to actually even look at as somebody needs to have a serious talk with their design department. We got a brief moment of hope after seeing what Honda’s present CEO is exhibiting as a matter of fact we need to check out on this guy again.

2006 Honda S2000

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