86 Culture at the Feb. ’14, JDM UAE Meet


Initially, we did not plan a meet for this event but several of our 86s and BRZs did manage to show up. Here are some shots of our attendance.

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Hella Flush Japan at Fuji Speedway

Japanese car culture never fails to surprise, impress and inspire. There seems to be no boundaries with what statement you make with your car as it all makes sense over there. Thanks to Andreas for the share.

Dekotora Tales

Ever since I first launched this blog; I always wanted to open the chapter of Dekotoras or ‘decoration trucks’ of Japan. Regardless what your opinion would be about these pimped out transformers; learning their story actually makes them quite an interesting topic about Japanese culture.

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Inoshishi Racing at Ebisu North Course

Noriyario is a great blog to directly check out some of the less significant motoring action in Japan. Those guys always showcase the stuff you don’t really see on all those big glorified automotive blogs. We just picked up this interesting post of what seems like the Japanese version of ”’Tafheet” (تفحيط).

Inoshishi (wild boar) Racing are a bunch of young guys who drift a bunch of feral cars in an equally feral way.


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Fuji 86 Style 2012

The third edition of Fuji 86 Style was held at the Fuji International Speedway, on August 5th. 5,500 people participated, including 86 vehicle owners and fans. 86 owner’s Driving Parade including up to 150 vehicles were held with Keiichi Tsuchiya leading the show. Automotive and motorsport Icons like chief engineer Tetsuya Tada and Masahiko Kageyama have taken part as well.

Ever since the FT-86 concept have been released; for the past three to four years, lots of festivals, ‘Matsuris’ & events have been held to commemorate the classic hachi roku and pave the way for its successor the 86. Apparently another intangible service offered by Toyota & Subaru to their enthusiastic buyers of the 86/BRZ. Can’t wait for the summer to cool off; seriously starving to see automotive festivals of such scale.

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