Nostalgia: 2 Fast 2 Furious 1993 Toyota Supra Restoration


We tell a story that is still taking place ever since, almost, a decade ago. A time in which the Fast n’ Furious fever was spreading like wild fire; engulfing the minds of thousands if not millions of boy racers and ricers worldwide.

We tell the story of the Golden Toyota Supra featured in the bridge ‘jump & crash’ scene at the beginning of 2 Fast 2 Furious:

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It just got Real in KSA

Going crazy with cars on public roads and running people over or getting chased by police in the process is part of Saudi society nowadays. This time, things have taken a GTA like direction, right on time with GTA V‘s release.

This video footage shows a bunch of Saudi youth being chased by police officers on foot. Suddenly, one of the fugitives draws a weapon & opens fire at the authorities.

The authorities claim that the fugitives are famously involved in street racing, ”tafheet” to be specific. Plans are being set to start some nationwide crackdowns on street racing all over KSA.

I just hope they get those youth busy with something to keep them off the streets & off them guns.

Original article in arabic:

أظهر مقطع فيديو على موقع اليوتيوب تم تداوله على نطاق واسع خلال الايام الماضية هروب 3 شباب من شرطة الرياض في حي البديعة “غرب الرياض” بعد إطلاقهم النار على رجال الشرطة ويبيِّن مقطع فيديو، مدته 28 ثانية، وتم رفعه على موقع “يوتيوب”، وشاهده ما يُقارب 100 ألف، إطلاق أحد الشُبان النار على رجال الشرطة الذين استمروا باللحاق بهم وطالب المعلقون على المقطع بوضع حدٍّ لاستهتار بعض الشبان برجال الأمن، وإعطاء رجال الأمن صلاحيات ودعماً إضافياً يذكر ان الشباب من المفحطين

المطلوبين امنياً وتشن حالياً شرطة الرياض حملة كبير للقضاء على ظاهرة التفحيط اخرها يوم امس بعد القاء القبض على احد المفحطين المقلب بـ”كنق النظيم”



Inoshishi Racing at Ebisu North Course

Noriyario is a great blog to directly check out some of the less significant motoring action in Japan. Those guys always showcase the stuff you don’t really see on all those big glorified automotive blogs. We just picked up this interesting post of what seems like the Japanese version of ”’Tafheet” (تفحيط).

Inoshishi (wild boar) Racing are a bunch of young guys who drift a bunch of feral cars in an equally feral way.


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For Fitment & Stance Lovers

This is a long and inspiring compilation from A nice reference and inspiration if you want to visually impress with taste. Those guys did have their artistic mind running as they worked on their rides garnished with subtle styling, colors and a focus on wild stance & shoes. (Warning: lots of VAG inside)

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Boy Racers do Exist in Japan

What you will see here is the irresponsible or perhaps a dumber side of Japan’s motoring communities. The guy is performing basic boy-racer maneuver and ends up crashing or potentially missing deadly crash. Suddenly, he turns back, drives away and pulls over next to the camera proud about damaging his Civic.

 Underground street racing is not uncommon in Japan but I wouldn’t consider this a worthy feat to be proud of. That was stupid…