86 Culture and UAE’s Honda S2000 Club Meet at the Biker’s Cafe


We decided to meet up with the prominent S2000 Club of the UAE and it sure was a busy day. Sorry for the long delay in posting up the photos and a very special thanks to everybody who managed to take and upload these shots! We look forward to hang out with the Honda S2000 club again and any other auto community out there.

Car communities are pretty small here and it really helps to join forces and work together on building better meets, events and drives!

1960860_10153878726450582_1255958588_o 1781595_10153878728380582_1641765210_o 1956937_10151880937736371_192057154_o 1978585_10151880931756371_1412816381_o 1956937_10151880937736371_192057154_o (1)1911696_10151885013851856_960743224_n 1656101_10151885013716856_1158200556_n 1911689_10153878266315582_1029417276_n 1618131_10153878726800582_578786779_o 1799901_10153878726605582_1737308592_o 1781420_10153878726560582_1033383384_o 10003605_10153878726360582_410045789_o


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