86 Culture and UAE’s Honda S2000 Club Meet at the Biker’s Cafe


We decided to meet up with the prominent S2000 Club of the UAE and it sure was a busy day. Sorry for the long delay in posting up the photos and a very special thanks to everybody who managed to take and upload these shots! We look forward to hang out with the Honda S2000 club again and any other auto community out there.

Car communities are pretty small here and it really helps to join forces and work together on building better meets, events and drives!

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Scion FRS Supercharger Review

Following is a great and comprehensive video series explaining the woes and headaches that go into building a supercharged FRS along with a very interesting verdict.

It is worth taking note of the below, if you plan to squeeze more power out of your 86, BRZ or FRS:

Source: ft86club.com

Honda Talk

Its been a while since I did a feature about other car makers and Hondas are a trending topic lately at carthrottle.com.

Besides being Hondas that were great to drive, the below pictured cars have earned their place as modern classics among the car world.

They existed during a time when Hondas were actually interesting up until the global ricer invasion occurred  sometime during the release of the first couple of Fast n’ Furious films arrived and Honda started to slwoly lose its path after the end of the NSX production.

The S2000 was perhaps on everybody’s list right before the 86 or BRZ was out but you know what? If you really treasure the S2000 or any of the below Hondas, then get one and keep it clean!

We just hope and cross our fingers, once again, that Honda would start to go back to its roots and build cars that are both interesting to drive and interesting to actually even look at as somebody needs to have a serious talk with their design department. We got a brief moment of hope after seeing what Honda’s present CEO is exhibiting as a matter of fact we need to check out on this guy again.

2006 Honda S2000

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2012 Suhoor Drive to Jebel Hafeet

Several members from prominent motor communities in the UAE tag along for a drive to Jebel Hafeet. We decided to join the action. We meet up with the convoy in Dubai and head out at 11pm towards Al Ain. Weather was extremely humid but things started getting pleasant once we started climbing Jebel Hafeet. After a long hot and dull summer, motoring activities are back in action to mark the fading end of summer in the UAE. We were in a rush and unfortunately had to miss out some of the gorgeous scenery of Al Ain City from Jebel Hafeet’s peak. Enjoy the photos of those premium German machinery.

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Subaru BRZ vs Honda S2000, Drag Race

The Honda S2000 has the spirit of the NSX, with its light weight and agile aluminum chassis. This S2000 have not been sold in huge volumes or intended to, unlike the 86 or BRZ. Regardless it was a great car and many enthusiasts will sure miss it. The Toyota 86 can be said to stand in-between the Grunty S2000 and the swift Mazda MX-5.

I dont believe that its fair to put any of these two cars in a quarter mile drag race (I am not saying that to justify why the BRZ lost in 0.7 of a second) as they are aimed to be pushed on the curves. It would be nice to see both of them go head to head on a track day. The S2000 is an extra 40 horsepower, over the manual BRZ, along with being 40 kgs heavier and older.

I always wanted to invest in an S2000 back in the days; its is a thing of beauty but the BRZ/86 seems more of the practical & refined option nowadays.

Both cars are of the same class, light weight, good handling, not over-powered machines that revive the spirit of a classical roadster. The end conclusion is going to be subjective.

The net have been circulating with S2000 owners thoughts after test driving the FRS/BRZ/68; the conclusion came as follows: The high revving S2000 has more power output but the 86 has a more practical car with a more capable chassis.

In the end of the day, the biggest favor the 86 did is reviving the classical sports car. Hopefully other car makers will catch up. Nissan is already ambitious about a next Siliva. Mazda is developing a smaller and lighter Mx-5. I am not sure if Honda will consider going back to the game but with the upcoming NSX; it would not surprising if they do. Japanese sports cars are going back to their glory and the coming years seem to be holding plenty of surprises.

2012 Motoring Middle East, 4th Meet

This can be said to be the best Motoring Middle East gathering ever. Bringing together members of the Honda community, Seat Club, JAACK, Mustang Club and various other motoring communities of the UAE & middle east.

We sure do hope an event of such caliber could mean more communication and unity among motoring communities of the region. One thing for sure the community is growing bigger and better than ever.

The below photos do not do any justice to the event but due to the shortage of time, this is what was managed. There was an epic mustang line up which was barely shown here.