ADAPT Performance: Meet n’ Chill, Tuning Day and Drive to Jebel Hafeet


First of all, apologies for the limited amount of photos for this event as we were busy having too much fun. We head out as a convoy from Dubai Outlet Mall towards Al Ain on a very hot afternoon. As we reach Al Ain we get greeted by dark clouds, cooler weather, rain fall and finally the guy who made it all possible, Theo, the boss of Adapt Performance.

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July 20th Meet

IMG_7264 copy If you missed this one, then make sure you dont miss our next meet & trackday taking place on July 26th!

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Exhausts, Part 2 [Turbo & High-Tech Performance Exhaust Guide]


First of all don’t get all caught up by the 800 hp Skyline on the cover of this Turbo magazine.

Earlier we compared the pricing, performance & noise db rating of different aftermarket exhaust setups tested on a Scion FRS. Now we got on the technical side of cat back exhaust systems.

Inside the, pictured above, August 2006 issue of Turbo & High-Tech Performance Magazine was a very interesting Cat back exhaust 101 guide; it is a very nice piece of information to keep in mind whenever the story of exhaust modifications shows up.

Although the article does cover some stuff you may already know; there are quite a handful of valuable mech n’ tech information inside.

Just beware that these scans of the original article will be a ‘scroll-full’ of content.

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Inoshishi Racing at Ebisu North Course

Noriyario is a great blog to directly check out some of the less significant motoring action in Japan. Those guys always showcase the stuff you don’t really see on all those big glorified automotive blogs. We just picked up this interesting post of what seems like the Japanese version of ”’Tafheet” (تفحيط).

Inoshishi (wild boar) Racing are a bunch of young guys who drift a bunch of feral cars in an equally feral way.


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Exhaust Kits for the 86/ BRZ/ FRS

Following is a compilation of some of the different engine notes you can acquire from different setups and brands of aftermarket exhausts for the 86, which all sound almost the same. They just bring out the nice, deep boxer noise out of the FA20 and perhaps the only way to chose between these is when it comes to price & performance gains.

ISIS Performance Street Catback Exhaust:


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Motoring Middle East, Sep. 2012

This was probably the largest ever motoring middle east gathering ever. Hundreds of cars from ghetto ricers to rare exotic classics lined up in a huge parking area. It was an awesome but hot & humid day.

I was nice to finally meet our 86cult buddy, Mohammed ST Cyclone, who came all the way from Bahrain to get along with us. We could not line up our 86s due to the fact they ran out of space and many people showed up late but it was great to hang out with all the good guys there like Zlatko, Ahmed Alamiri, Roman Gavin, Naif, Moh’d T, Lionel and many more I cannot remember.

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