ADAPT Performance: Meet n’ Chill, Tuning Day and Drive to Jebel Hafeet


First of all, apologies for the limited amount of photos for this event as we were busy having too much fun. We head out as a convoy from Dubai Outlet Mall towards Al Ain on a very hot afternoon. As we reach Al Ain we get greeted by dark clouds, cooler weather, rain fall and finally the guy who made it all possible, Theo, the boss of Adapt Performance.

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Toyota 86 Launch at Yas Marina Circuit, Part 2 (The specs & TRD)

I gave you an idea in the first post about how the car drives on track and dont get me wrong its a go anywhere car; can still enjoy it even when driving on the roads. Doing some 80 km/h feels almost like 120-140 km/h. With all honesty the driving experience was so engaging that the only things I was paying attention to were the track and the RPMs.

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The Troll Car

You might remember seeing pictures of this controversial Celica going viral all over the web lately. This car has been wildely slammed, dropped, flushed, whatever. Its just one insane creation by a guy in Japan and the job is not finished yet. The car is still work in progress. We look forward to see how the end result is going to be, hopefully a bit more bearable and wish him good luck. One thing for sure, haters gonna hate.

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