UAE’s First Tommy Kaira 86


This is perhaps the first Tommy Kaira package to be fitted on an 86 in the UAE. The owner is currently planning to upgrade the car’s performance up to 400 horsepower so it should be a car worth keeping an eye on. Photos are sourced originally from the owner.

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Tommy Kaira's 86 Project

Another prominent name in the tuning market, Tommy Kaira, ventures into the 86’s already vast tuning market with a quite radical body kit design. Tommy Kaira, is a name the echos in your mind and they are one well established and limited brand of the tuning world; commonly known for their special Nissan Skyline R33. Not much information is being produced about the 86 package; except for shots of renderings, two exhaust system kits and teaser shots of the body kit being molded is are circulating around the web.

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