Hella Flush Japan at Fuji Speedway

Japanese car culture never fails to surprise, impress and inspire. There seems to be no boundaries with what statement you make with your car as it all makes sense over there. Thanks to Andreas for the share.


Pick of the Day 43

I just felt like sharing this one for some reason.

I hope people get inspired when they see cars like the above Toyota Crown, being partially or fully restored to road worthy condition, to want to appreciate and keep older cars from dying away in some scrap yard.
Keeping an older car on the road, could (depending on many factors including what the car is and where you are located) cost less than buying a new one and is considered to actually be safer for the environment; seeing that preserving an older car requires less resources & energy to rebuild.
Consumerism and this endless pursuit for convenience is part of the fast paced life many people live nowadays but its also admirable to see that some car enthusiasts take the initiative to get dirty for the sake of commemorating (for the lack of a better word) ‘the finer things in life’, like they say.


Japanese Old Muscle.

Crown Coupe

Crown Coupe1

MOONEYES participant in the form of a Toyota Crown on Mag’s and a flashy polished valve cover..

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H&R Springs Installation for the Toyota 86

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Last time, we worked on installing BC adjustable coilovers on Firas’s 86. This time, we are installing H&R lowering springs on Sid’s 86.

The process takes, almost, the same time as installing coilovers but goes to a slightly different route as we had to disassemble each strut, remove the stock springs and replace them with the nice blue H&R ones. The end result was very satisfying, coupled with H&R wheel spacers on the front and the back.

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Van Swag

A couple of years ago I visited Malaysia and got to see something similar to the above van; besides hordes of turbo-charged Proton hatchbacks (Mitsubishi Colts), Rx-8s, I-MiEVs, Silvias, Nissan Sunny Taxis fitted with Nismo bodykits & more Protons.

Malaysia’s car culture was a showcase of what happens when you get closer to Japan but enough about that.

Consider this post an introduction to the subtle mini-van fitment universe. Since such vehicles lack any performance characteristics there is nothing to be ruined once they are slammed to the ground. It would be neat to buy one of these as a family car, kids will love ’em. Continue reading

Nostalgia: Lexus SC300/ Toyota Soarer

This car gained much more appeal after its production ended because of the tuning scene. Some regard it as a poor man’s Toyota Supra.

This was the first ever coupe from Lexus and it was aimed at cars like the Mercedes SL. The SC did manage an average success with sales figures reaching above 100,000 units in the US, according to some sources. Though the car was appreciated more as it aged and tuners soon started to swarm around it.

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For Fitment & Stance Lovers

This is a long and inspiring compilation from stancenation.com. A nice reference and inspiration if you want to visually impress with taste. Those guys did have their artistic mind running as they worked on their rides garnished with subtle styling, colors and a focus on wild stance & shoes. (Warning: lots of VAG inside)

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