Scion FRS Ready for Pikes Peak

Scion will be bringing in several of their models including an FRS for the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

This should be something worth looking into. As soon as the race begins, we’ll pick up some footage of it in action…

evasive-scion-fr-s_100431883_l evasive-scion-fr-s_100431884_l



ML24 Scion FRS

ML24 Scion FR-S Wide Body Fender Arches

Another attempt to fatten the 86, this time by ML24, a Canadian automobile R&D company founded by Matthew Law a Toronto based automotive designer.

This body kit is straight forward: a fiberglass set of four wheel arches and a front lip for plowing snow or speed bumps. The ride looks pretty rad and you can check out the 3D animation of the bodykit, here.

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Exhaust Kits for the 86/ BRZ/ FRS

Following is a compilation of some of the different engine notes you can acquire from different setups and brands of aftermarket exhausts for the 86, which all sound almost the same. They just bring out the nice, deep boxer noise out of the FA20 and perhaps the only way to chose between these is when it comes to price & performance gains.

ISIS Performance Street Catback Exhaust:


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Scion FRS, Quick Tire Guide

For many the standard road tires of the 86 felt a bit off. The stock tires offer moderate grip as to allow you to slide it and play with it around the corners. Other reasons for using such tires might be optimum fuel economy & keeping the price down. Road & Track takes a Scion FRS and tests different wheel and tire setups… The end result is as follows

You can take this as a rule to apply on other cars as well. Soon, we will be creating a list of  different tires being locally offered for the 86.