Scion FRS Supercharger Review

Following is a great and comprehensive video series explaining the woes and headaches that go into building a supercharged FRS along with a very interesting verdict.

It is worth taking note of the below, if you plan to squeeze more power out of your 86, BRZ or FRS:



Scion FRS Ready for Pikes Peak

Scion will be bringing in several of their models including an FRS for the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

This should be something worth looking into. As soon as the race begins, we’ll pick up some footage of it in action…

evasive-scion-fr-s_100431883_l evasive-scion-fr-s_100431884_l


Meguiar’s, NuR Concept, FRS

Meguiar’s FRS is a neat piece of inspiration for those who wish to cosmetically modify their 86 or BRZ.

The over-all look of the car is not heavily altered; its only small, subtle yet elegant changes that make quite an impressive difference in the overall character of the FRS.

Apparently, the people behind this build, including Jonsibal Design, decided to give the FRS a ‘European sports car feel’.

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5th Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ Meet

IMG_5716 copy

Pictures are up for out last event! Once again new faces with more cars. Nice to meet you all and as usual we look forward to see how far you will go in modifying your rides.

Lets just hope a BRZ or an AE86 will show up someday.

Also, keep your eyes peeled; a group buy or a special discount could be arranged for our club in the near future. Plus, we will resume working on the stickers asap.

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