2012 Red Bull Middle East Park Drift in Jordan

Red Bull Car Park Drift (1)

We pick up the press release of last week’s car park drift event in Jordan.

“Last night, the excitement and suspense hit unprecedented levels in the history of the competition”, said Alberto Chahoud, Regional Communication Manager for Red Bull. “We are thrilled to have offered motorsports fans a competition that gave drifting a totally new meaning”. Chahoud thanked Jordan Motorsport for their support, as well as Chevrolet and the other sponsors; he didn’t forget to pay a special tribute to the press for their great coverage of the event.

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Exhaust Kits for the 86/ BRZ/ FRS

Following is a compilation of some of the different engine notes you can acquire from different setups and brands of aftermarket exhausts for the 86, which all sound almost the same. They just bring out the nice, deep boxer noise out of the FA20 and perhaps the only way to chose between these is when it comes to price & performance gains.

ISIS Performance Street Catback Exhaust:


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Motoring Middle East, Sep. 2012

This was probably the largest ever motoring middle east gathering ever. Hundreds of cars from ghetto ricers to rare exotic classics lined up in a huge parking area. It was an awesome but hot & humid day.

I was nice to finally meet our 86cult buddy, Mohammed ST Cyclone, who came all the way from Bahrain to get along with us. We could not line up our 86s due to the fact they ran out of space and many people showed up late but it was great to hang out with all the good guys there like Zlatko, Ahmed Alamiri, Roman Gavin, Naif, Moh’d T, Lionel and many more I cannot remember.

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Stance'd Toyota Soarer/ Leuxs SC400

The Toyota Soarer or Lexus SC, is quite rich in character. The soap bar body shape sure make the Soarer look futuristic back in the days. Even by today’s standards the whole design does not feel outdated yet. Long wheelbase, quad headlamps, curved nose, long hood do exhibit the feel of a gangster luxury coupe; you could compare it to the Mercedes SL of that time.

Here is a set of shots for a beautifully stance’d Lexus SC400.

Fitted with 5 Spoke Black on Black WORK Equip (18×9 0/ 18×11.5 +3), a carbon fiber hood; this ride oozes with character and the bold n’ sexy lines of the SC sure did come to life after such treatment.


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Nissan's Plans for Toyota 86 Rival

Attached Image

For the past couple of years, mixed and brief reports from Nissan circulating on the net about making a downsized 370Z, a new Silvia is being planned or the new hot hatch unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, last month. All of this to keep the Nissan from missing its share of the action in the compact sport car market; especially after witnessing the massive hype & sales of the 86, BRZ &FRS worldwide.

I believe you heard the seemingly bad news already; the idea of Nissan building a rear wheel drive car to rival the 86 /BRZ /FRS has been shelved in favour for the latter downsized front wheel drive hatch.

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mini-Test Drive: 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

I walk into a showroom a couple of weeks ago to take the Genesis Coupe for a spin. I hate judging a sports car by driving it gently on the roads as it does not reveal much but these are my impressions after spending an hour behind the wheel of Hyundai’s first rear wheel drive sports car.

The Gen Coupe, like fans call it, is the car that Hyundai always wanted to have and they did good job for a car-maker with no motorsport heritage. More than a decade ago they launched the last generation front wheel drive Coupe, aka Tiburon in the US. The Tiburon was one model that changed the image of Hyundai and did give a good run for already dying names like the Eclipse, Prelude & Celica.

Hyundai’s most prominent philosophy is to provide more in car for less money and they did give Japanese carmakers a good run for their money, several times.

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