Nissan’s 2013 TAS Lineup

News about what we should expect at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon is getting unleashed all over the web like a swarm of bees. This 2012’s TAS felt like it was already yesterday.

Nissan has been known to offer a formidable lineup every TAS and this time they are showcasing no less than 10 vehicles. Like this Nissan GTR Nismo GT3 race car:

2013 Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 race car

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2012 SEMA Highlights, part 3

Recently, Carscoop featured a crazy photo gallery of the participating creations at SEMA. See what suits your liking. I personally, got blinded by crazy. Yes, this is how far you can go nowadays with what the current aftermarket provides.

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China’s “Death to Japan” Riots


Now China and Japan did not have a pleasant history for quite some time. This is not the first time this happens but it did get significant coverage in light of our current economic situation and various political unrest world wide. The latest wave of protests did involve some: ‘destroy everything Japanese’ theme.

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2012, Nostalgic 2 Days

This is some footage from Nostalgic 2 Days, earlier this year, just to warm you up for the weekend. Some of the finest restorations, retrofits and styling can be seen here. This is one show nobody should miss.

Now off to the weekend, drive safe!


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Nissan's Plans for Toyota 86 Rival

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For the past couple of years, mixed and brief reports from Nissan circulating on the net about making a downsized 370Z, a new Silvia is being planned or the new hot hatch unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, last month. All of this to keep the Nissan from missing its share of the action in the compact sport car market; especially after witnessing the massive hype & sales of the 86, BRZ &FRS worldwide.

I believe you heard the seemingly bad news already; the idea of Nissan building a rear wheel drive car to rival the 86 /BRZ /FRS has been shelved in favour for the latter downsized front wheel drive hatch.

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Chris Harris on Cars, Toyota GT86 vs Nissan 370Z vs Porsche Cayman

Lately, I am always in a war trying to beat ft86club by posting any news, that I believe might meet the interest of our visitors, right before they do on their own blog. This time, they beat me again with Chris Harris’s video comparison between the above mentioned cars.

Many would favor Chris Harris on Cars over many of the more prominent automotive media. The descriptive manner in which he reviews cars is as close as you can get to sitting behind the wheel.

This video responds to the hype around the forums and various media putting the 86 against cars like the Cayman. Also, those wondering why would people love the 86 this much even though it doesn’t offer massive numbers; Chris puts it in perspective with this video.

Finally, to spoil it for you, in case it never crossed your mind; he loved the Porsche Cayman among the two, it doesn’t surprise me.