Motoring Middle East, Sep. 2012

This was probably the largest ever motoring middle east gathering ever. Hundreds of cars from ghetto ricers to rare exotic classics lined up in a huge parking area. It was an awesome but hot & humid day.

I was nice to finally meet our 86cult buddy, Mohammed ST Cyclone, who came all the way from Bahrain to get along with us. We could not line up our 86s due to the fact they ran out of space and many people showed up late but it was great to hang out with all the good guys there like Zlatko, Ahmed Alamiri, Roman Gavin, Naif, Moh’d T, Lionel and many more I cannot remember.

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2012 Motoring Middle East 6th Meet, Part 2

During this MME we had a couple of celebrities aboard such as local drift star Ahmad Alamiri and organizer of Drift UAE Mohammed Alfalasi; along with Rob Bryan from the Automobile & Touring Club UAE. and Jack Rodencal from Chrysler Middle East.

We were taken to a small auditorium where these four gentlemen discussed really vital matters related to the future of motor-sports and modified cars in the UAE. Matters such as how the media makes modified cars and car enthusiasts look like they pose a danger on society and the lack of communication among enthusiasts & authorities.

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2012 Motoring Middle East 6th Meet, Part 1

This Month’s Motoring Middle East had a very different flavor; with a selection of new cars, attendance from various motoring communities and authorities from the region along with representatives from dealerships being present at the venue.

It all started with meeting up with a convoy of JDM only cars from UAEboost and there was a special surprise over there.

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2012 Motoring Middle East 5th Meet

Besides having the Toyota 86 as the feature of this month’s MME meet, this time the line up involved a couple of interesting classic cars and the usual suspects. Every meet the variety of cars, people & automotive communities increases. Unfortunately the Toyota 86 took away all our attention as it was more of a historical moment and I missed out of several of the cars that attended the meet.

2012 Motoring Middle East, 4th Meet

This can be said to be the best Motoring Middle East gathering ever. Bringing together members of the Honda community, Seat Club, JAACK, Mustang Club and various other motoring communities of the UAE & middle east.

We sure do hope an event of such caliber could mean more communication and unity among motoring communities of the region. One thing for sure the community is growing bigger and better than ever.

The below photos do not do any justice to the event but due to the shortage of time, this is what was managed. There was an epic mustang line up which was barely shown here.

Motoring Middle East 3rd Meet, part: 1


Motoring Middle East is another outstanding and popular automotive blog of the UAE. Every year they hold a meet in which a variety of car enthusiasts meet up and showcase their finely restored classics, tuners, along with some variety of really rare cars you dont spot everyday in the UAE.

This year’s meeting was not as noisy as the last one but sure did have a very interesting line up. Not to mention that venue was Sharjah’s Classic Car Museum so there was quite a number of classics. Here is the first installment of shots from the meet:

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