Pick of the Day 38

Thiis was an advertisement out of an issue of Sport Compact Car about 10 years ago. Times are changing, exponentially..


Motoring Middle East, Sep. 2012

This was probably the largest ever motoring middle east gathering ever. Hundreds of cars from ghetto ricers to rare exotic classics lined up in a huge parking area. It was an awesome but hot & humid day.

I was nice to finally meet our 86cult buddy, Mohammed ST Cyclone, who came all the way from Bahrain to get along with us. We could not line up our 86s due to the fact they ran out of space and many people showed up late but it was great to hang out with all the good guys there like Zlatko, Ahmed Alamiri, Roman Gavin, Naif, Moh’d T, Lionel and many more I cannot remember.

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UAEboost Evening

After finishing from Motoring Middle East, I team up with some of the UAEboost people to shoot two of the most notorious R34s in the country. The Nissan Skyline R34 is one of the most desired and admired cars to ever come out of Japan (not for reasons like ‘Fast n Furious’ films). Nowadays car is almost a modern classic and it is a car worth driving once in a life-time.


Nissan Silvia Returning as Toyota 86 Rival


Why do we love the Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ? Because these cars are more of a wake up call for car-makers to go back on track and start making compact rear wheel drive cars with no other purpose besides being affordable and provide a simply pure driving pleasure.

Well there is news circulating about Nissan attempting to bring back the 200sx model. According to Nissan’s chief creative officer Shiro Nakamura, at the 2012 New York Motor Show:

“The light, sporty coupe… It’s a nice concept. I like it.”

“You know, a tighter, lighter sports car to me has potential for the future.”

“If there is room [in the line-up], we will do it. If there is a market, we will do it.”

Nakamura would not say if Nissan was already working on such a car, but emphasised the continued importance of sports cars to the brand.

“For us, the sports car is the core of Nissan. Not many companies or brands have a history of a sports car. We have a long history of the sports car: Z and GT-R.”

“370Z, we still don’t know [if] the next generation [will be] larger or smaller. There are still lots of options, we don’t know yet,” Nakamura said.

“Maybe [the new Z could be] a 350Z, or a 200Z, or Silvia, a 190, why not a four-cylinder? I’m talking about just ideas, we don’t know.

“Really we have to sit down and work out what the future sports car should be for us. This is a very important issue for us.”

Nakamura admitted it was “time to look at” putting a smaller engine in the Z, and said the next-generation model would more than likely be lighter and smaller than the current car. – www.caradvice.com.au


This seems to be good news as it could mean that car-makers, at least Nissan for now, are starting to sense that  compact sports car segment gap and starting to re-evaluate the idea of building a small, affordable & driveable sports car as the way into the future; after almost a decade of absence from this segment most notably in our regional market.

Looks like another Japanese sports car war has started again; with the arrival of cars like the Nissan GTR, Lexus LFA along with the recent Toyota 86 and rumors of a new Nissan Siliva. Its just a matter of time, hopefully.

Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ News: Scale & Dimensions

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We pick up this post from ft86club.com where they compare the size of the Scion FRS (the Toyota 86 of America) to that of the Nissan GTR. The car is pretty small and low but the storage capacity is impressive. The reason for that is because Toyota promised enthusiasts that there will be enough space for a set of four wheels and some track tools, for those weekend track days.

Of course the comparison here is about storage capacity; the GTR is a super car that almost doubles the FRS in so many ways.

On the other hand, we are still waiting for an official release date for the Toyota 86 in the UAE, the car is currently parked in the 2012 Dubai Jazz Festival venue. If you are attending, the currently on going, Jazz Fest; you will see a stand where a Toyota 86 with Lava Orange paint, the Aero spoiler & a body-kit is parked.

We got a glimpse but no photos; though it seems we are not getting an entry model of this car but this is not confirmed.

The Subaru BRZ is also promised to be released in the Spring of 2012 in the US.

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Rocky Auto in Odaiba, Tokyo

If you look back the the story of the Million Km Porsche 930 we posted earlier then you will love this even more:

Rocky Auto, is a Vintage Japanese car shop in Odaiba, Tokyo. Those guys sell perfectly restored classic cars like the Fairlady Z and the Hakosuka & Kenmeri Skylines.

They go to the extent of retrofitting these cars with modern technology making them practical and suitable for daily use. Some of these cars are fitted with air conditioning, fuel injected V8s and semi-auto transmissions with paddle shifters.

Check out some of their amazing creations:

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