86cult.com at “The Fast And Furious 6 Extreme Car Park”

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Thanks for everybody who managed to make it!! Once again its nice to see that out club is growing bigger… The 86s are starting to transform slowly into proper tuner cars and we got lucky today to meet up with Mansoor, the first BRZ owner to attend our meets! Stay tuned as we figure out some future events and drives! Finally, thanks for EMSF and our 86’er Zuhair for organizing the spot for us!

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EMSF & Dubai Police Anti-Drugs Modified Car Competition

Yesterday was the International Day Against Drugs. Dubai Police and EMSF have held a large gathering of modified cars on Mamzar Beach in Dubai.

I did not stay there for long but managed to see some interesting and controversial rides of all kinds.

It was a nice to see a motoring authority working side by side with the law; this is something we were asking for almost a decade. Now it seems that Dubai is slowly transforming into a safe haven for modified cars while the other emirates tighten their grip on car enthusiasts and alienate anybody with an interesting car.

National Raceday 10 at Dubai Autodrome

The 10th and last installment of the National Raceday series for this season. This last event happened smoothly and instantly without much noise; perhaps it was the hotter weather that made matters rushed and minimal spectator attendance. Regardless, it was a thrill to watch the touring cars battle among each other.

More information will be posted about the event soon, stay tuned.

2012 MEMTS, Part: 1

This year’s Middle East Motor Tuning Show is quite impressive. The line up of show cars and attractions are truly stunning from fully restored/retro-fitted classics to wildly slammed street tuners. Also, drifting is starting to get more of the focus it deserves in the country; after checking out the saloon car drifting course organized by Emirates Motor Sport Federation.

We just wish to know that there will be a bright future for car enthusiasts and since the focus of this year’s show is to reinforce the aftermarket parts & modifications industry’s interest in the region; it seems we may see the light in the end of the tunnel with regards to the rules and regulations for modifying cars soon.

Here is some of the coverage from the event, more photos and details coming soon.