Nissan’s IDx Freeflow and Honda’s New Beat Concept!


This year’s Tokyo Motor Show featured some really interesting concept cars from Nissan and Honda. The following concepts seem hint that there is still an appeal and interest in an entry level drivers’ car which is something we dearly miss these days. Nissan’s IDx Freeflow sends a strong message with its resemblance to the once reputable Datsun 510; while Honda’s Beat, seems to have grown a bit bigger than its Kei car origins.


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UAE RIDE: Datsun Fairlady 260z Restoration, Part 1

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The increasing number of people passionate about sitting behind the wheel of their beloved childhood car and more people willing to venture into the risky universe of automotive restoration really restores out faith in humanity. In this crazy world we live in, we are conditioned to consume, irrationally at times; its nice to see that people are looking at the finer things in life. Things that will consume plenty of time, effort and money which are all critical resources in our modern life style yet some enthusiasts manage to amp it up and get their hands dirty.

This is a Datsun Z picked up from the US by a Hamad, Nissan enthusiast who plans to rebuild it back to mint condition.

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Nissan's Plans for Toyota 86 Rival

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For the past couple of years, mixed and brief reports from Nissan circulating on the net about making a downsized 370Z, a new Silvia is being planned or the new hot hatch unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, last month. All of this to keep the Nissan from missing its share of the action in the compact sport car market; especially after witnessing the massive hype & sales of the 86, BRZ &FRS worldwide.

I believe you heard the seemingly bad news already; the idea of Nissan building a rear wheel drive car to rival the 86 /BRZ /FRS has been shelved in favour for the latter downsized front wheel drive hatch.

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