86Cult at ‘The Meet 13’

IMG_6303 copy

It was awesome seeing all those cars laying around. We went there to show everybody that we are here and we are growing!! I barely managed to snap photos this time but this is what was salvaged from the day. Some shots of our convoy along with some of the funky stuff we found at MME..
Thank you for those who managed to make it to the event; especially those who drove all the way from AD.. From now on we will working on making life easier for our Abu Dhabi members.  Also, it was nice to meet some of the new faces and members there!

For our guests and visitors, in case you missed all our previous events then prepare yourselves for our April schedule!

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Toyota 86: Love the Car, Hate the Hype

About four years ago, we found out about the FT-86 concept and we fell in love with it. Why you would ask me? Well, because for the first time a car maker actually builds a formula that fits the exact criteria for car enthusiasts; a small, light weight and affordable rear wheel drive car, nothing more or less. My mind didn’t go any further. It was a time when the only affordable rear wheel drive sports car out there was a Mazda MX5 and the market was desperately starving when it comes to such segment of sports cars.

The 86 did gain massive hype from the media and fans alike. Some of the reasons are the fact that it refreshes the image of Toyota after a long absence from the segment. Prior releasing early concepts for the 86, fans were scared that Toyota might ditch its racing heritage in favor of sales figures like other car-makers are doing in our times. Yet Akio Toyoda, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation, arrives on time to save the day and rids the Mazda Mx-5 from its loneliness. Besides the fact that the 86 was a spiritual successor of the original Toyota AE86, which already has a huge cult following among enthusiasts especially in Japan & Australia.

Suddenly the hype starts bloating and a huge fog of cheesy marketing, PR approaches blows the whole image of this modern day 86 or ‘hachi-roku’ out of proportion. Yes too much publicity is better than none but matters did slightly backfire.

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