Pick of the Day 43

I just felt like sharing this one for some reason.

I hope people get inspired when they see cars like the above Toyota Crown, being partially or fully restored to road worthy condition, to want to appreciate and keep older cars from dying away in some scrap yard.
Keeping an older car on the road, could (depending on many factors including what the car is and where you are located) cost less than buying a new one and is considered to actually be safer for the environment; seeing that preserving an older car requires less resources & energy to rebuild.
Consumerism and this endless pursuit for convenience is part of the fast paced life many people live nowadays but its also admirable to see that some car enthusiasts take the initiative to get dirty for the sake of commemorating (for the lack of a better word) ‘the finer things in life’, like they say.


Japanese Old Muscle.

Crown Coupe

Crown Coupe1

MOONEYES participant in the form of a Toyota Crown on Mag’s and a flashy polished valve cover..

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Stance'd Cressida


The Toyota Cressida, specifically the 4th generation, is one of the most beloved Toyota models in the region. A car that many owners and riders, until today, hold dear sentiments for how much of a special experience it was. The Cressida has always been praised for its solidity and presence; its hard to tell when such a car will give up. Even rumors and stories roam around the region that: “Toyota intentionally halted the production of the Cressida due to the fact it is too good of a car”; even though in reality it came to a stop once the Lexus Marque started flourishing.

The following are photos of a Toyota Cressida we picked, from an online source, that have been nicely modded with a set of forged wheels sticking out, lowering springs along with rolled fenders.

We know alot of you love those rear wheel drive Japanese saloons so this post is dedicated for you guys!

This is a large compilation of photos for the car and it just simply oozes with character despite its conservative and outdated styling. The bottom line is: stance is the king and it beats all those floppy body kits (but everything is subjective of course).

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