Chris Harris on Cars, Toyota GT86 vs Nissan 370Z vs Porsche Cayman

Lately, I am always in a war trying to beat ft86club by posting any news, that I believe might meet the interest of our visitors, right before they do on their own blog. This time, they beat me again with Chris Harris’s video comparison between the above mentioned cars.

Many would favor Chris Harris on Cars over many of the more prominent automotive media. The descriptive manner in which he reviews cars is as close as you can get to sitting behind the wheel.

This video responds to the hype around the forums and various media putting the 86 against cars like the Cayman. Also, those wondering why would people love the 86 this much even though it doesn’t offer massive numbers; Chris puts it in perspective with this video.

Finally, to spoil it for you, in case it never crossed your mind; he loved the Porsche Cayman among the two, it doesn’t surprise me.