Toyota 86 Convertible Rumored to Appear in 2014


Something Richard Hammond mentioned after the Top Gear trio spent sometime behind the wheel of cars like the S2000 and Z4: ‘If you want to buy a convertible, then get one that is built as a convertible from the first place’.

Nevertheless, driving a convertible is a truly liberating experience and an 86/BRZ would be guaranteed as a joy ride if gone topless.

The the convertible ‘version’ might arrive in 2014; the same year the new Mazda Mx-5 along with its Alfa Romeo sister will be revealed. This means it will be a tough war between those rivals.

Though, personally speaking, I would say Toyota might want to have a serious talk with Subaru and seriously consider the idea of creating a more powerful and race bred version 86, instead of a roadster like variant.



Wald International’s Take on the 86/FRS

Wald Features an assortment of parts for the 86 including a front half spoiler, side skirts, a duck tail-like boot lid spoiler, and two-tone alloy wheels. This will be another feature car we will see at next year’s Tokyo Auto Salon.

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[UPDATED] BRZ and 86 Rough Idle, Chirping Sounds & Engine Stall Issues


It is not surprising to get complaints on the first batch of a fresh newly launched model. Some 86, BRZ and FRS owners are complaining of rough idling and stalling engine problems. Another problem is a strange chirping sound from the mechanical fuel pump located on the engine.

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Bullet Supercharged, Toyota 86


Australian supercharger specialist, Bullet releases a supercharger kit for the 86. Many do argue endlessly about the short and long term pros & cons of supercharging compared to turbos; we still await their dyno results as the kit is still a work in progress. Initial dyno runs have shown some 25% power gains.

The kit is basically composed of a water to air inter-cooled Sprintex S5-210 supercharger and a custom exhaust system.

Listen to the supercharger as it hisses & whistles:

Exhaust Kits for the 86/ BRZ/ FRS

Following is a compilation of some of the different engine notes you can acquire from different setups and brands of aftermarket exhausts for the 86, which all sound almost the same. They just bring out the nice, deep boxer noise out of the FA20 and perhaps the only way to chose between these is when it comes to price & performance gains.

ISIS Performance Street Catback Exhaust:


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Altezza Powered Hachi Roku from Qatar


Mohammed Alnaemi a proper car enthusiast from Qatar is always taking a peek at our community and special thanks for him offering us shots and a biography of his beloved AE 86. He tells us about his long term experiences and adventures with this Altezza powered AE86. He sent me the following email:

Hello Roj, sorry for the late report.
Here is my Altezza powered AE86. I really loved that car so much, and its a blast to drive specially when shifting at 8000 rpm. Too bad its the only AE86 in Qatar (actually I have spotted 6 other corollas, but none were owned by a pasanate drivers) last one I’ve seen was like 6 years ago and owner refused to sell? I got mine since early 2006. I also DD this car 🙂