86cult Jebel Hafeet Drive


Some of our members decided to wake up at 4:30 am and make a drive towards Jebel Hafeet.. For those who are surprised about why would anybody drag themselves out of bed at 3 am to go for a drive to Jebel Hafeet, they really know what they are missing. This road is built for cars like the 86, BRZ or S2000. For more evidence, check out this video footage from Sid’s 86.
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86cult.com at “The Fast And Furious 6 Extreme Car Park”

IMG_7085 copy

Thanks for everybody who managed to make it!! Once again its nice to see that out club is growing bigger… The 86s are starting to transform slowly into proper tuner cars and we got lucky today to meet up with Mansoor, the first BRZ owner to attend our meets! Stay tuned as we figure out some future events and drives! Finally, thanks for EMSF and our 86’er Zuhair for organizing the spot for us!

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Toyota 86 Driver Killed in Tragic Cliff Fall Accident

This horrible accident took place in Cape Town, South Africa. A Toyota 86 falls off a cliff and lands on the rocky surface below killing the driver in the process.

Investigations are on going about what caused the accident and there are speculations about the possibility that the driver suddenly swerved to avoid an obstacle or was distracted while driving.

We urge everybody to drive safe, stay alert and always be wary of your limitations & that of your vehicle’s. Leave all the tail happiness and experimentation to the track environment.


Source: speeed.com

86 from Dubai, Loaded with Perrin Products


This is probably one of those handful of heavily altered 86/BRZs in the UAE. Loaded with the most common and aftermarket extras available from Perrin, GrimmSpeed and Cusco; we have no exact idea about what upgrades are used or how much extra performance is squeezed out of it.

Thanks to Rohit for sharing these shots!

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The Most Preserved AE86 (SR5) on Earth? With only 55,000 Miles

1985 Toyota SR5 AE86 04

This 1984 SR5 is probably one of the most well preserved cars on this planet; besides the AE86 that speed hunters stumbled upon years ago.

Also known as the AE85 in some places, which basically shares the same Corolla GTS platform without the glory of a 4AGE, a 5 speed manual, limited slip differential or rear disc brakes, as far as I recall, so don’t take it as an accurate fact.

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86Cult at ‘The Meet 13’

IMG_6303 copy

It was awesome seeing all those cars laying around. We went there to show everybody that we are here and we are growing!! I barely managed to snap photos this time but this is what was salvaged from the day. Some shots of our convoy along with some of the funky stuff we found at MME..
Thank you for those who managed to make it to the event; especially those who drove all the way from AD.. From now on we will working on making life easier for our Abu Dhabi members.  Also, it was nice to meet some of the new faces and members there!

For our guests and visitors, in case you missed all our previous events then prepare yourselves for our April schedule!

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