Jay Leno drives a Toyota’s 1936 Toyoda AA

I am not a fan of Jay Leno but that’s just me. Though one cannot deny he does cover a valuable portion of the automotive world.

Recently Jay Leno is touring Japan to get a taste of its automotive universe. His recent encounter was with an ultra rare Toyoda AA; which was Toyoda family’s first attempted automobile.

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2012, Nostalgic 2 Days

This is some footage from Nostalgic 2 Days, earlier this year, just to warm you up for the weekend. Some of the finest restorations, retrofits and styling can be seen here. This is one show nobody should miss.

Now off to the weekend, drive safe!


[photo credit:http://jonsibal.com]

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Nostalgia: Lexus SC300/ Toyota Soarer

This car gained much more appeal after its production ended because of the tuning scene. Some regard it as a poor man’s Toyota Supra.

This was the first ever coupe from Lexus and it was aimed at cars like the Mercedes SL. The SC did manage an average success with sales figures reaching above 100,000 units in the US, according to some sources. Though the car was appreciated more as it aged and tuners soon started to swarm around it.

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RUSH – another old school F1 film

Watching Senna and seeing all the fiery passion that went behind F1 racing back in the days makes me curious about seeing this upcoming F1 film. Should prove to be an appealing way, for us Fn’ F’ers, to look back into history. Especially after reading the names of the director and cast.
Don’t judge the above poster, which looks like a crappy B movie from the late seventies of such just read on:

Just the Facts:

  • Director Ron Howard’s new movie Rush opens on September 20, 2013.
  • Rush chronicles the epic 1976 battle for the Formula One World Championship between Niki Lauda and James Hunt.
  • Rush stars Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth as Hunt and Daniel Bruhl of Inglourious Basterds as Lauda.
  • The movie was filmed this past spring mostly at racetracks across Europe, including the Nürburgring.

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Toyota 2000 GT SEV

This the latest in retro-fitting classics; ‘Green’ retro-fitting if you like to call it. The car was featured earlier this year at the Tokyo Auto Salon but it seems it didnt get much attention.

Though there are only hundreds of 2000 GTs ever produced; this one has been fitted with a silent electric motor running on lithium ion batteries. Along with some interesting features such as solar panels on the hood and other cool stuff in the interior. This is shocking, as much as its bold, especially that the car is some 1/2 a century old and barely crossed 350 units in production.

It is a beautiful well balanced blend between the past & present and a formidable piece of engineering.

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Stance'd Cressida


The Toyota Cressida, specifically the 4th generation, is one of the most beloved Toyota models in the region. A car that many owners and riders, until today, hold dear sentiments for how much of a special experience it was. The Cressida has always been praised for its solidity and presence; its hard to tell when such a car will give up. Even rumors and stories roam around the region that: “Toyota intentionally halted the production of the Cressida due to the fact it is too good of a car”; even though in reality it came to a stop once the Lexus Marque started flourishing.

The following are photos of a Toyota Cressida we picked, from an online source, that have been nicely modded with a set of forged wheels sticking out, lowering springs along with rolled fenders.

We know alot of you love those rear wheel drive Japanese saloons so this post is dedicated for you guys!

This is a large compilation of photos for the car and it just simply oozes with character despite its conservative and outdated styling. The bottom line is: stance is the king and it beats all those floppy body kits (but everything is subjective of course).

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BBS Wheels Catalog

For those that are in love with BBS, a brand that is extremely desired among enthusiasts and wheel whores; we dedicate this thread to you.
There will always be a set of reconditioned BBS-es selling somewhere for a hefty price tag; specifically the popular BBS RS which got replicated so many times by other wheel manufacturers.
This is a selection of scanned pages we picked up from the net of several BBS catalogs showcasing the variety of models they produced from the 80s up-to the late 90s. These are actually scanned by an importer/supplier of BBS wheels.