Toyota 86: UAE Servicing and Maintenance Compilation


*** UPDATED 23/07/13 – New Invoices and Toyota 86 Periodic Maintenance Check-Sheet are Now Uploaded ***

Several 86 owners are getting billed excessively and differently for the same type servicing interval. The Maintenance costs of the 86, by far, seem to exceed that of certain German cars which kills the purpose of it being an entry level sports car.

As a courtesy for 86 owners of the UAE, our members provide you with this compilation of personal experiences and data. We hope the following helps you figure out what you are paying for when your 86 goes to servicing, what oil grade to use and what you should replace during every service interval.

Arguments and disputes between the owners and the service centers about why should such an amount of money be paid without providing any clarifications have taken place already and it seems to be only way to get them to slightly push the price down to an acceptable level is by using some evidence.

Below is a compilation of some of the servicing bills from our members. The lack of a proper servicing schedule coupled with the lack of competent staff who fail to manage to explain the excessive pricing and poor servicing pushed 86 owners to go this far in expressing their disdain with Al Futtaim Motors.

Kindly check the below invoice copies. Click on the images below for a clearer view:

Invoice(s) for the previous 5000 Km interval (before the service intervals were shifted to 7500 Km):

Invoice 3

Invoice(s) for a 7500 Km interval:

Invoice 2

Invoice(s) for a 15000 Km interval:

Invoice 1

Invoice 4


Invoice 7

Invoice 8

Invoice(s) for a 22500 Km interval:

Invoice 6

On the other hand, Al Futtaim Motors seem to fail to provide a clear explanation when it comes to the nature of the unspecified and randomly fluctuating servicing costs.

Then comes another topic, a vital question being asked by several 86 owners about what the Proper oil grade for the Toyota 86 should be and whether the 5w-30 grade oil, which was occasionally used on some 86 models, is actually appropriate for lifetime usage? 

The fact is that the owners manual specifies that 0w-20 is the correct oil grade (1 liter bottle pictured below) and that the 5w-30 is only to be temporarily used in emergencies, when 0w-20 is not available.

Currently, the 0w-20 is being sold for a pricey ‘AED 70’ per liter. Following are photos of the 1 liter oil bottle (click on images for a clearer view):


Several of our members are already taking action and are gathering more evidence and data about the issue. We need to ensure their cars are being provided with the appropriate service and care, for an appropriate and realistic price.

Plus, regarding the servicing and maintenance procedures, below is the maintenance check sheet schedule, provided by one of our members, that tells what is inspected or replaced during each interval (Note that the air conditioning filter, an item typically replaced on an annual basis, is replaced on every service, whether major or minor):

Service Intervals

Well, that’s about it. What you wish to do next is up to you. We shared our experiences and hopefully this guide is valuable.


29 thoughts on “Toyota 86: UAE Servicing and Maintenance Compilation

  1. Interesting, would like to know how it is on the BRZ side. Just when for my 5000km service at Al Khoory Subaru and it was free. Will only know how much the cost is on my next service.

    Question? The service interval for my BRZ is every 5000km, what is it for the 86? Why is there a 7500km service interval?

    • As a matter of fact we took a look at the Subaru BRZ service intervals which are every 5000km and discovered that they charge slightly higher than Toyota for the 86.. Some AED 475 and AED 850 on every couple of 5000kms..

      Though the laughable matter is that most modern cars are serviced every 10000 to 15000 kms…

      • Check your service manual. I says service is at 15000 Kms. Regarding this a case was filed for the 86 against Al Futtaim and the result is now they have pushed it to 7000….UAE is a funny place.

  2. most of the international 86 service interval is 15000 KM with minor service 7500 KM for extreme driving conditions, so I believe 7500 KM/15000 KM is already correct.

    However pls check if 15000 KM serice is including replacing the A/C filter, because from what I read in other countries manual the a/c filter should be replaced every year/15000 KM.
    This is important for dusty place like Dubai.

    And they should do tire rotation for every 7500 KM.

  3. Just took the car to Alfuttaim for 15000km service. I was told that the price of service is 1500aed! Thanks to this page I got the price reduced to 900. Still a ripp off though.

  4. Hello there… has anyone tried to get in touch with dynatrade??? i assume they should be cheaper than afm.

    • Hello Rick,

      If you go through the posted invoices, Its not really the parts that cost rather, the mysterious servicing fee and the extra-ordinary cost of the oil that makes those bills expensive.

  5. I have no idea from where to start; are so many things to be said about Al Futtaim Service Centers and unfortunately none of them are good.
    With a lot of hesitation and regret I have to write a few lines to let you know the quality of AFM’s “Customer Service”
    On 15th Dec 2012 I had the most unpleasant visit in AFM “brand new” showroom. Amazing new location but outrageous customer service and started to have doubts that their staff are in any way trained in satisfying the customers. I do understand that the business comes to them but they have to look for the Customer’s Satisfaction as well. We are paying a lot of money on these cars and some of us are working very hard to be able to own them and leaves us with a bitter taste when we are treated without respect.

    I will mention a few incidents for you to understand what I’m talking about:
    1. For the 1,000 km service I’ve dropped the car to the service station and I have informed AFM’s employee that the front speakers are not working properly and they told me that they will check it out. They called me after 6 hours to tell me that the car is ready and when I went to pick it up he informed me that they are not specialized in audio systems and that I have to go and make an appointment in Rashidiya Service Station. I was in shock honestly. I do understand that the model is new but the music systems are all the same. Never the less, I’ve done as told and made an appointment in Rashidiya after one week. They called me after 7 hours to tell me that the left speaker needs to be replaced, that I can take the car and they will call me when they will get the speaker from Japan. They called me when they got the speaker and after the replacement I went to pick up the car. And here we go, the trouble started from the counter: I have asked the staff if the speakers are working and I got the most unpleasant answer which nobody wants to hear and I quote: I don’t know, ma’am is not my job to check and I’m here just to coordinate the details, you can check it by yourself….My face dropped and left me speechless, I couldn’t believe that I hear this kind of comment. I got the car, of course the speakers were the same I don’t even know if they’ve done something about it and for my horror I’ve reached the office parking lot to observe a deep scratch on the trunk. I felt that I will have a cardiac arrest. Of course that I picked up the phone to call the service station and nobody was picking up the lines since was after 6 o’clock.
    2. For the 5,000 km service I’ve made the appointment at SZR service station hoping that the car is well taking care of; my bad to believe that. I’ve dropped the car at 7:15 am and at 9:00 am I’ve got a call that I can pick up the car. Wow, I had the good surprise to hear that but I wasn’t aware that my hell will start in the moment that I will step into the showroom. I’ve asked AFM’s employee what was done for the service and he gave me the round-down. Very well, I paid the bill and picked up my gate pass. Before to leave just dropped to see the manager that coordinated the car sell to have a word with him with regards of a service contract which he mentioned it to me when I bought the car. For a financial reason I couldn’t commit to it at that point but informed by him that I can buy it at a later stage I took the decision to get it now. For my surprise, he was informed by the customer’s adviser that the contract is more expensive than it was before but he couldn’t tell me the price at that moment and that I have to come some other day to tell me.. I mean seriously??? AFM’s employees are not even aware of the products that the group offers? I dont know how to take it: as an ignorance towards the customer or as a total lack of information. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe what I heard. Disgusted and disappointed escorted by the manager, we went to receive the car from the parking lot. When they got the car it was so dirty inside and I politely asked the guys to clean the car. 4 of your employees were standing in line staring at me like I was asking them to paint the car, not to wipe the obvious shoe print which the mechanic left when he entered the car. Of course they didn’t do anything about it and I had to do it myself. I really don’t understand what is the point of putting the plastic and paper sheets in the car if they step all over it. I couldn’t believe that with an AFM’s employee by my side I’m ignored, I don’t want to think how I will be treated when I will go alone.
    3. The service adviser told me (when I dropped the car) that they will change the oil, the oil filter and they will clean the break pads. Once received the car I was looking for the old oil filter but I didn’t find it anywhere. In a showroom with such a reputation we should get the proof that the parts were changed. For your information this is a policy which a lot of brands practice all over the world and UAE as well. I just wanted to see if the brake pads were cleaned as I was informed but of course the rims were not even touched. The dust on the rims was untouched and was the same as I gave the car in the morning. I just wonder if the break pads can be cleaned without removing the wheels, which I doubt. If I’m a woman, doesn’t mean that I don’t have knowledge about cars and for AFM guy’s bad luck I know a lot about cars and they cant fool me.
    4. Next the morning just opened the hood and with horror I saw that the coolant level was at a low point where is not normal to be since I got the car from the service station before 1 day.
    The service adviser did say that they will do all the necessary checks and this is how they have checked???? Imagine what would have happened to the engine / radiator if this got drained up?? At least I checked, imagine people who don’t check and rely on AFM’s service… I went in the same morning directly to SZR service station and approached the service adviser that released the car the previous day and explained to him the problem and after he checked out the level, with a lot of ignorance and arrogance told me that is a normal level. How he can say something like this?? I start to believe that the counter people don’t know the basics of the engines and they are called advisers????? This must be a joke.. Finally he called a mechanic from the workshop and he topped it up till the FULL level.

    • Regarding the 4th encounter, that white colour coolant reserve tank shoudnt be over filled. You’ll find a mark stating the fill up level is about halfway from the top, opposite cooling fans. Having it full will effect bleeding the hot coolant from the radiator and may cause yhe engine to over heat.

      • Hey Essa,

        Understood, but mine was under the line marked as LOW…And when I showed it to the so called service adviser,he told me that is normal to be below LOW…R u freaking kidding me????Toyota guys r insane to have these levels marked???? I dont want to go in technical details but if necessary, I will

    • That’s really sad. I will no longer get my Toyota fortuner serviced with them as I have noticed similar experience plus my car is no more under warranty anyways. The only reason u buy a Toyota is because of low maintenance and these guys kill the purpose.

      • I think it depends on how long you plan to keep the car. If you keep it for about two years before you sell it, then servicing at the dealer could get you a better resale value. However, if you know that you’ll keep it for years to come then maybe going through the service guide in the owners manual and servicing it at a trusted garage isway more convenient.

    • I agree with what you say about how unqualified their advisors are. I have encountered the same saying that “he is merely just a pawn to relay the message from the workshop”. And about the service that they said they have done (such as the brakes cleaning and inspection), there is a very high chance that they didnt even open the brakes and just have taken a quick glance at it using the aid of a flash light. I have seen with my own eyes the way they short cut things. It is very sad and painful to know when you pay so much for nothing. As a service advisor and an apprentice technician of another brand, i know exactly what they did to my car. My only tip for you guys is, take very good care of the point where you check your car scratches, specify to the advisor what you want done and verify he has written it on the paper and double check the car before you take it. Toyota, honestly i love the brand and it is in my heart since childhood, but the service here in the UAE, is the worse i have ever experienced. Make sure you pick a competent advisor and someone you can trust if you want your car serviced properly.

  6. I had been to Toyota Deira showroom yesterday and was told by the salesguy that the servicing cost is just like my camry around 300-400 bucks every 5K kms. I wonder whether he was LYING or was he IGNORANT. I am looking for the 86 to replace my camry for my daily commute from Dxb to Abu DhAbi i.e 250kms /day and 5K/month.:(

    The servicing cost and others horrific experience with AFM is making me stay away form this wonderful car.

  7. reading this post is shocking for me. Fortunately, I’ve had no such issues with my car. But I am very upset to hear your stories. I cannot provide my input as I had pre-booked the service contract for 60K kms.

    My only experience was that the car wasn’t clean after I collected the car. I spoke to the advisor and he mentioned that they dont have a proper cleaning facility so they gave me a manual car wash voucher from emarat. I was okay with it.

    will keep you guys posted if I face any further instances with them.

    However, I can suggest to call 800toyota for any suggestions or complaints and they are very prompt and handling your case.

  8. Hey Rishi , 14k seems a lot if it’s for 8 services. I also had a 60k service contract for my fortuner and honestly it wasn’t cheap. It made no difference if I had just got it done retail each time. Thats why I’m thinking of buying the 86 from Oman as its warranty will be valid at dynatrade service centres.

    • I agree that it is quite high, no doubt. At that time, i was told that the car needed service after every 5k kms. Only on first service, i came to know that service is required every 7.5k kms. Anyway, it is already paid for and saves me the hassle for haggling on price during every service.
      By no way, it means that i am okay with it. It’s just that i am sucking it up coz of my wrong decision.

      • Apologies. Just chkd my papers. I had paid around 8.5k aed for the service package.

  9. Had a word with someone at Toyota and things are going to change in the future.
    I just got my car back from them for 21,500km service. Disregard the pricing, but I think they did an ECU update seems to have dropped the idle to 750rpm and in general feels a lot smoother. Also noticed traction control less invasive which is nice.

    Seems we’re are on the right path finally.

    • Any details about what is going on? Also, any changes or updates regarding the prices? Your input would be highly appreciated as this has been going for months!

  10. Hi Guys this is my experiences (Toyota 86) for servicing the car in any Toyota service centre.
    right now I have done totally 4 service. at the second services my bill came around 900dhs which I was shocked as they told me the same old BS that they are going to do. I was not all happy regarding the service rates for this car. due to my previous experiences in my old car, I was able to ask them BREAK DOWN before they do the service and how much they would charge. trust me you will get shocked when you seen the MONITOR because they just charge you more and more premium and the service break down will be the same. I did for my second service and continuing, please be aware about the service advisor they don’t know anything about CAR PARTS AND SERVICES,
    more than anyone you know your Car (Toyota 86) well and how you drive it. so when you go to a Toyota Service centre and when you meet a Service Advisor aske him how much they charge for the current service after he says X amount, ask him the break down and see the chart for your self in the Monitor and select the service your really need, they might say in a long run it may affect the warranty but ask for your self, they are doing the same Service nothing different, because you questioned and they will try to play with your fear by saying all BS.
    the last most important thing which my came to noticed that they don’t clean anything below the Hood. so when your are getting your car serviced please check and questioned them as your are paying a good some of money.

    So far I am paying around 600dhs for each service,
    Hope this will help our 86 fans
    And need a Body Kit for my car highly appreciate if you can reply.

  11. Hi Guys,

    best joke of the century from our ever inconsistent AFM. i got my 7500 KM service done today with only the oil change for AED 269!!!! they wanted me to change the A/C filter also but i put my foot down and told them that i wanted only the oil service done with tyre rotation. The guys were a bit upset but i stood my ground and told them that thats all i wiant done. this way at least the warranty is still in place.

    The way i did it, called up 800 toyota and booked a service appointment and the guy who took my call told me that it would cost only AED 269. Stuck to my guns when i got there.

    AFM actually is supposed to send you a promo code which they did not do and did not book my appointment also. i was one upset customer but at the end of the day got my job done.

    They just gave me a cash reciept and not the break up of the srevice done.

    someone in AFM is in trouble today!!

  12. Just booked my 86 for service on Sunday. Have been quoted between 1200-1300 AED for the 15,000 service! Gotta make a few phone calls asap! Anyone to get in touch with regarding this?

    From Abu Dhabi!

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