Nissan’s IDx Freeflow and Honda’s New Beat Concept!


This year’s Tokyo Motor Show featured some really interesting concept cars from Nissan and Honda. The following concepts seem hint that there is still an appeal and interest in an entry level drivers’ car which is something we dearly miss these days. Nissan’s IDx Freeflow sends a strong message with its resemblance to the once reputable Datsun 510; while Honda’s Beat, seems to have grown a bit bigger than its Kei car origins.


Nissan IDx Freeflow:

Nostalgia at its finest and this car, if produced, might potentially be solid rival to the 86 and BRZ. Nothing beats this retro design and we wish if cars abandon some of their bubbly proportions for something less subtle:


Nissan-IDx-FreeFlow-Datsun-510-Concept-03-640x426Nissan-IDx-FreeFlow-Datsun-510-Concept-06-640x426 Nissan-IDx-FreeFlow-Datsun-510-Concept-08-640x426Nissan-IDx-FreeFlow-Datsun-510-Concept-10-640x426

Honda Beat S660:

Honda didn’t promise a thing but rumors circulate that the next Beat might not be a Kei car hence potentially meeting the regulations and requirements to sell this car on a global scale. The car will also feature a mid engine layout just like its predecessor. Dont ask us about what the engine’s displacement is though but it should be turbocharged.

Honda-S660-Concept-6[2] Honda-S660-Concept-13[2]


With Toyota and Subaru leading the game with their 86 and BRZ. This could mean that Nissan and Honda might take their time to produce something worthwhile and competitive.



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