November Drive to Abu Dhabi


For those who missed it, we headed for a special meet and drive in Abu Dhabi on a Friday morning to meet our AUH crew.

Stay tuned for future drives and events as winter is finally here!

Special Thanks to Teo and Massoud for the photos, you can check them out down here:

Abu Dhabi-20131115-00678 Abu Dhabi-20131115-00679 Abu Dhabi-20131115-00680 IMG-20131115-00657 IMG-20131115-00658 IMG-20131115-00661 IMG-20131115-00668 IMG-20131115-00671 IMG-20131115-00674 IMG-20131115-00677 Abu Dhabi-20131115-00655 Abu Dhabi-20131115-00656 Abu Dhabi-20131115-00664 Abu Dhabi-20131115-00669 Abu Dhabi-20131115-00672 Abu Dhabi-20131115-00673 Abu Dhabi-20131115-00676


2 thoughts on “November Drive to Abu Dhabi

  1. Hi,
    I absolutely love this car and will buy one 🙂
    One thing that makes me worried is the factory sound system. I would really like to upgrade it aftermarket but am not sure here in Dubai where there can be done with quality.
    I wonder if someone could help me out here…

    • The sound system’s best and most reasonably priced fix would be to change the head unit to a genuine aftermarket one.. This will make a massive improvement in terms of audio quality.. Regarding where’ its done, I dont recall anybody changing their audio system, here with exception to one 86 owner who bought a new head unit and did the job himself.

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