H&R Springs Installation for the Toyota 86

14 copy

Last time, we worked on installing BC adjustable coilovers on Firas’s 86. This time, we are installing H&R lowering springs on Sid’s 86.

The process takes, almost, the same time as installing coilovers but goes to a slightly different route as we had to disassemble each strut, remove the stock springs and replace them with the nice blue H&R ones. The end result was very satisfying, coupled with H&R wheel spacers on the front and the back.

After removing the first strut from the car, everything paused as there was a problem. The top nut holding the strut’s top mount, which needs to be unscrewed by using a ratchet or a similar tool, cannot be undone without having to hold the strut’s center rod in place by using a hex key. There is no way on earth to access the top of the strut with both tool. Needless to say, it required plenty of strength to undo as we, supposedly, had to get a ‘special tool’ from Toyota or Subaru to get the job done.

00 copyInstead, we invented our very own ‘special tool’ for the job, thanks to Kim and his welding skills. We did two of the below pictured tool, one for the front struts and another for the back, by welding a wrench into a ratchet’s socket:

02 copy

The idea was to be able to turn the center nut while making access from top for the hex key that prevents the main strut rod from rotating.

Although it was not the most efficient solution, it did the job well; at least before reaching the point of snapping. The above prototype special tool’s design could be more refined and upgraded in the future. Too bad, I didn’t take a close up shot of how our improvised tool fitted right on the top of the strut.

First, we start on the rear struts. We clamp down the stock spring:07.5 copy

Then we started using our improvised tool, along with a hex key to remove the nut holding the top mount of the strut:04 copy06 copyThe nice blue pair of H&R springs before going on the struts:
08 copy The rear struts are completely removed, the rubber gaiters and rubber stops had about 1″ cut off them, inorder to accommodate the new, lower, springs.09 copy Work on the front struts begins:011 copy 012 copy013 copy011.5 copy The end result was very satisfying, coupled with the 25mm wheel spacers in the back. Unfortunately, the front 20mm spacers were not installed as there was need to shave off the bolts and lugs of the front wheels. 011.6 copy13 copyThe wheels are now nicely flushed with the body. The overall result is very satisfying.


14 copyA final close up on the front wheels after grinding off the bolts and lugs, the next day, to fit in the 20mm spacers:



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