Toyota 86 Getting Toasted

Thanks to Tariq for sharing this video. Unfortunately, this is the destiny of some of the 86/BRZ cars sold here. The 86 is a suitable victim for ‘tafheet’ enthusiasts so dont be too surprised, you should have seen this one coming:

Make sure you think twice if you spot an orange 86 for sale anytime soon!


3 thoughts on “Toyota 86 Getting Toasted

  1. This doesn’t look entertaining or fun. This is only trying to destroy a perfectly good car. I can think of so many OTHER good uses for such a car!

  2. Hey there. Am an owner of the 86 and wanted to know what all you guys do (besides getting it toasted) :).

    Would be fun to meet with like minded 86 enthusiasts!


    • Welcome aboard!

      That wasn’t anybody we know who toasted their 86 and we disapprove of such a thing.

      We might be planning a meet after Eid and we will be posting updates about it soon so stay tuned.

      You can also check out our Facebook page:

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